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Time to Just Get Over It
Face Reality Someone on Facebook asked her readership, "There are still trump supporters out there.... how? How is that even possible?" One of the commenters left the following response, " There
are many of us around who support President Trump, but choose...

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Workshop Scheduling
Each year, participants of the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat volunteer to lead workshops at the retreat. Knitting Expertise Shared We have amazing spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters and designers who show up to the retreat each year, willing to share w...

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Garter Stitch - The Perfect Learning Tool
Having said for years that the most important characteristic to be a successful knitter is perseverance, I think garter stitch is the perfect tool to assess if someone will be a lifelong knitter or not. Knitting Assessment Garter stitch can also be incredib...

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What Is The Plural of Lithotripsy?
Yes...during my latest encounter with a kidney stone , it turns out that the 6.5mm stone that was causing me issues had a mate in the other kidney that was even larger. Is There a Two-Fer Discount? The smaller, problematic stone had moved down my ureter, bl...

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Key To Happiness
If you're coming to QueerJoe's blog to find out the key to happiness, I think you may possibly have lost your way completely. However... There are certain truths that one stumbles upon during a lifetime that come to be important aspects of what makes up one...

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Saving Face
The Japanese had this great concept of being able to extricate yourself from a potentially embarrassing situation or argument with your humility in tact. Facebook Should be Named "Losing Facebook" It seems every public argument these days, especially in soc...

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Distractions Abound
There are distractions that are meant to confuse and divert attention and then there are distractions that are meant to entertain. Desperately Looking to be Entertained! With all the craziness going on in the U.S. added with the distress of getting over a k...

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Six Point Five Millimeters
Size does matter...and since knitters deal with millimeters quite often, you may understand the shock I had with my latest CT Scan. Diagnosis - Kidney Stones Years ago, a friend of mine was in a lot of pain due to a kidney stone he was passing.  Karen, a mu...

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Completely Nuts!
Today's blog entry is all about nuts...well...nuts, seeds, legumes and drupes...and of course knitting. Long Story - Strap In My husband Thaddeus used to work at this amazing little store in an amazing little outdoor shopping village.  The store was called ...

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Due Respect
When is someone or something "due respect?" Based on Title or Behavior? Perhaps it's different in a monarchy, where certain positions demand a certain amount of respect.  I've never lived in a monarchy, so I definitely don't have that mindset. Perhaps, my d...
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