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Hopefully Sean Donahoe isn't a member?´╗┐
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Hi Vance, Thank you for responding. I have been in the very same position as you and it can be very frustrating to say the least. It does surprise me that you have had trouble with Sean Donahoe as he usually keeps his eye on the ball. If there is a problem with his product and you have tried all forms of contact you could try via your credit card company or who every you paid through.
There are other forums out there that you can vent your anger out on but on here we try to keep everthing positive :-)

If it is help you are after then please post in here and I will see what I can help you with.
I hope you can understand our position on this and do not get offended in any way.
Please stay in contact
Ted "being a diplomat isn't easy" Wosko´╗┐
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