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Hey all. I just thought I would pop in and say 'Hey!'. I've been super quiet of late but still reading everything you guys put out. It's good to see all the good stuff being cranked out.

I am still working on Testament Chronicles although it is going slow again. I have been caught up in a couple of other projects so I had to shelve TC for a bit.

It's nice to be back to work and I hope to share more of it with you soon.

I just thought I would pop in and see if there is any progress on s'more Heroic Fantasy products?

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Check it out! Here is a teaser shot of the cover for an upcoming project I'm working on. I hope you all like it!

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An upcoming Supers game that I've had the chance to look at. Very cool stuff.
Looking forward to getting the Metagene Super Hero RPG edited and available in the next few months.

Worked on Mightiest Mortals a little. It will be a free supplement with stats on characters from my setting, Earth-Omega. Added some extra guidance and optional rules for child and elderly heroes.


Mightiest Mortals:

General Links:

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The Desing System
Hey all, I thought I would take some time and review a game system that I enjoy that never really took hold. It is a simple game with an OSR feel while still having its own 'flavor'. Why am I reviewing an older game that only never had a lot of support?  It...

Hey All,

I am hammering away at an upcoming White Star release but I am having a quandary. How does one determine an adversaries HDE/XP? It is one of the only things slowing me down!

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Here we go. A new post about my setting. It details one of the species found there.

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Today we have a new post on the 'ole blog. This post offers details to one of the species of Testament Chronicles
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