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Barb Fullerton
Barb Fullerton....exploring opportunities.
Barb Fullerton....exploring opportunities.

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Happy Birthday, Eh!
Happy Birthday, Eh! Canada is getting a lot of attention this week as she/we/it
turns 150. We are challenged to define what it means to be Canadian, to rethink
our stereotypes, and to simply embrace the word “eh”, eh. Canada 150 When I was 10 years old, Can...

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Spring Tonic
 Spring Tonic It is
rhubarb season again. I’m back in the field for the fifth year, picking then
peddling the beautiful stalks. Just raking in the dollars! Beauty in a Banana Box I have the
same intern. He has the same complaints---hard work, poor pay. Supe...

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MARBLES I couldn’t
decide whether to write about Forest Bathing, Mono-Tasking, Thought Monogamy,
or Marbles this month. I’ve opted for marbles as it seemed most fitting
for the season. I’ll save those other intriguing subjects for another time! Marbles When...

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The Learning Curve
The Learning Curve Proceed with Caution Lately, I’ve been
thinking a lot about learning. As you know, I am a retired teacher, so I’ve always thought about learning, but I’m not referring to “school” learning. I’m talking about things I learned that are so i...

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Words with Friends
Words with Friends Among my
retirement routines, I include many past-times concerned with words. There is
the crytoquote and two crossword puzzles from the local paper, not to
mention the word jumble which I do daily with my room-mate—our special together

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I Beg Your Pardon
I Beg your Pardon ...  (Mis)Communication Communique      I have a
fairly significant birthday happening in four days. I won’t disclose the exact
number, but, let’s just say I’ve been around for several decades! That’s a good
thing. I have found, as I advan...

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Christmas in Colorado
Christmas in Colorado Does this sound like the title of a Hallmark Christmas Movie to you? I hope so! We are just back from our Christmas in Colorado where the nine of us worked on our debut movie, a collaborative work of fiction. A sneak preview... Starrin...

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The Lumbersexual
The Lumbersexual: The Lumbersexual Have you noticed the relatively new trend in male style known as the lumbersexual?My superficial research on the subject says the term "lumbersexual" was coined about 3 years ago.  Are You??? According to Wikipedia, " A  l...

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Norwood on the Washademoak
Norwood on the Washademoak I bet you’ve
heard this line before: “When I retire, I’m going to open a Bed and Breakfast.”
Maybe you’ve even said it. Well, my friend Ines and her husband Doug have
actually done it! Norw ood on the Washademoak in Cambridge-Narr...
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