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I was out there but they told me and my wife to leave because I am a felon.  They don't seem to understand that they are all felons now for intimidating law enforcement with deadly weapons.  So don't tell you that they need people.  We sold everything we had to buy supplies and quit our jobs to be there 24/7.  How dare you ask for help and shun us dedicated patriots!
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They don't need people out there with their own personal grudges against law enforcement. They need clear heads and clean records. The liberal left and the bought and paid for government minions are just dying to catch some one who has a record or whom they can incarcerate and call a "Bundy ranch crazy criminal with a record". This whole thing has to be as "squeaky clean" as possible. This isn't about you or personally shunning you. It is most probably about keep YOU as well as them safe. If you tangled with a BLM mercenary, already having a record, you might be "disappeared" rather than just jailed for a short time. If you really want to help, get to Vegas, find a job and help send supplies to the ranch for those who CAN be there. Until the Bundys or the people who are backing them are booked, charged and convicted of a crime, none of them are felons. That's not to say that they aren't "looked" at that way by 1/2 the country but they are NOT felons at this time.
+Carolyn Hawks
I seriously doubt that anyone is going around asking people if they have a record or what their background is. There are too many people there and only a minimum of screening being done by the militia and at that by sight and immediate gut instinct. I would be more willing to think that those asked to leave were causing trouble or that this particular poster is a troll trying to do same. Still my previous post is something for people to consider. Things at the ranch have to be a straightforward and above board as possible in order to keep out those infiltrators from the BLM who will try and stir up trouble.
They are going around doing background checks.  I was down there for a week doing over watch and other things.  I was not causing problems.  Even stood armed next to a cop.  I volunteered my info so they wouldn't waste an hour doing a check.  Our founders where criminals for taking a stand.  Why am I any different when I have never been to prison yet I am a political enemy to the established oligarchy so they have papers that make me seem like a common criminal, who by the way, still deserve their rights to vote and own a firearm.  If they don't have those rights then they are not American citizens and therefore have immunity under their despotism.  So, anyone trying to "get" me would find someone not even technically under their jurisdiction any longer.  As far as I am concerned my government is a fascist enemy.   Unlike all those loyal Nazis, I will not tolerate despotic rule over me and my family.  My family has bled for this nation and our freedoms and I will not let their sacrifice go unanswered without my own sacrifice.  So let them call me a criminal.  Let them smear my name all over the place.  George Washington would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with me and my wife.  Who cares what all these loyalists think.  They will think what they are told to think, so why should we care?  We need to quit quibbling and bickering with each other and stand together. 
+Carolyn Hawks well you guys dodged a bullet with thus guy maybe literally. At least you can say you ran him off so he could not be there with the rest of the terrorist supporting Bundy.
You piece of shit. You killed 3 innocent people for what? FOR NOTHING. I wish I could've put a bullet in you and your wife's brain when I had a chance.
So anyway. How's Hell down there for you now? Pretty damn hot, you bloodthirsty shithead?
Terrorist, why can't John Boehner say the word?  You can't fight terrorism if you can't recognize it, am I right Governor Romney?
+Karma Justice FUCK YOU! You're not escaping responsibility this time, you Alex Jones watching, America-hating shit sacks!
+Carolyn Hawks
 lol.. I have been at the ranch for months.. You are a fool, each and every one of them are criminals. You may need to do some research and stop believing everything you are told. They are ALL RACISTS AND TERRORISTS. Go out there and find out for yourself or shut up because you don't know. And if you have been there and don't see it than maybe it is you that is also a terrorist
+william badger
 Fucking Mellon Lube Traitorous pussy terrorists! I spit on the Oath Keeper scum flag every morning at the Bundy ranch and NOBODY has caught me yet.. Idiots.
+william badger
 Well, I can see from your posts that yes, you are a traitor but not sure about a troll, if so not a good one.
Big man on a keyboard you commie shitbird.
cut your fucking face off givin the chance traitor
LOL. Shooting a Wow, you're a idiot.
LOL.. The little traitor terrorist scum blocked me.. lol.. Fool.
lol, we are gonna find you then we will see who is laughing.
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