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The Hummingbird Project
Working for Social Justice through Ecological Regeneration & Community Empowerment
Working for Social Justice through Ecological Regeneration & Community Empowerment


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Don't forget to celebrate #NationalSeedSwapDay  this Saturday! Find a #SeedSwap  near you at (And if you're in the Cleveland area, swing by the swap being held by our domestic initiative, the #ClevelandSeedBank . It's gonna be a blast!)

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You can use many household organic “waste” materials to produce your own natural gas for cooking, lighting, and space and water heating. Here's how to make your own biogas generator: #biogas #diy #fuels

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Honored to have our projects written up by the talented team at +EcoWatch

'Culture always originates in the partnership of man and nature. When the union of human society and nature is realized, culture takes shape of itself. Culture has always been closely connected with daily life and so has been passed on to future generations, and has been preserved up to the present time. ~ Masanobu Fukuoka #NaturalFarming #OneStrawRevolution

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If you haven't watched this movie already, it's a great investment of time to understand what's happening to our food system and the potential consequences on our health, and the health of the environment.

The World According to Monsanto (FULL LENGTH)

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Prayer for the Great Turning
May the turning of the Earth save us.

May the turning of the seasons & the turning of the leaves save us.
May we be saved by the worms, the beetles & the microbes turning the soil.
May we be saved by the turning of vegetation into compost
& the turning of compost into rich soil.
May the turning of seeds into plants & the turning of flowers
into fruits save us.
May the grasses & weeds, the vines & mosses all conspire to save us.
May we be saved by the turning of sprouts into saplings, of saplings into trees,
& the trees into forests.
May the scurrying, foraging, pouncing & lumbering of the animals save us.

May the breath of heaven in the breezes & the stormy winds save us.
May the dance of the butterflies, & the musical flight & return
of the birds save us.
May we be saved by vapors turning into clouds & by the turning of
the ever-changing clouds into rain.
May the waters flowing from springs into the lakes save us.
May the streams flowing into rivers, the rivers into seas,
& the great heaving of the oceans save us.
May we be saved by the patient turning of the rocks, the hills,
the mountains, & the volcanoes.
May the metabolism of the climates of the Earth save us.
May the turnings of all Beings great & small move us to find wisdom in our own turnings.

May we be saved by our waking & sleeping, by the rhythms of our blood
& our appetites, by the cycles of birthing & nurturing, injury & healing,
mating & nesting, loss & discovery, joy & mourning.
May we find in time the grace to turn to one another, & may this turning
also become our salvation.
May we learn to benefit the life of Earth with peace, humble in our needs,
& generous in our giving.
May we learn to celebrate the abundance of life with gratitude, & to embrace
the Earth with our bodies in return.

-- Joanne Sunshowe

'There is no distinction between ourselves and the so-called environment. What we live in and from and with doesn't surround us—it's part of us. We're of it and it's of us, and the relationship is unspeakably intimate.' ~ Wendell Berry

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Get ready for a MONTH of ACTION for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy!  20 September - 20 October EVERYWHERE!

Add your events and actions to the Seed Freedom Calendar:

+Navdanya    +Seed Freedom 
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