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Making your own retro keyboard
We're about a week before Christmas, and I'm going to explain how I created a retro keyboard as a gift to my father, who introduced me to computers when he brought back a Thomson TO7 home, all the way back in 1985. The original idea was to use a Thomson com...

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Lyon GNOME Bug day #1
Last Friday, both a GNOME bug day and a bank holiday , a few of us got together to squash some bugs, and discuss GNOME and GNOME technologies. Guillaume , a new comer in our group, tested the captive portal support for NetworkManager and GNOME in Gentoo, an...

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Flatpak cross-compilation support: Epilogue
You might remember my attempts at getting an easy to use cross-compilation for ARM applications on my x86-64 desktop machine. With Fedora 25 approaching, I'm happy to say that the necessary changes to integrate the feature have now rolled into Fedora 25. Fo...

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Dual-GPU integration in GNOME
Thanks to the work of Hans de Goede and many others, dual-GPU (aka NVidia Optimus or AMD Hybrid Graphics ) support works better than ever in Fedora 25. On my side, I picked up some work I originally did for Fedora 24, but ended up being blocked by hardware ...

Does anybody know of a podcast client for iOS that supports syncing via

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Using my grilo hammer against another nail :)
GNOME Games 3.22: the Giant Leap
I didn't blog about Games since quite some time and the app changed a lot since 3.18. 3.20 was quite a small update featurewise: it added support for MAME and Neo Geo Pocket games, added the About dialog, allowed l10n of the application, added a Preferences...

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Flatpak cross-compilation support
A couple of weeks ago, I hinted at a presentation that I wanted to do during this year's GUADEC, as a Lightning talk. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to finish the work that I set out to do, encountering a couple of bugs that set me back. Hopefully thi...

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Blog backlog, Post 4, Headset fixes for Dell machines
At the bottom of the release notes for GNOME 3.20 , you might have seen the line: If you plug in an audio device (such as a headset, headphones or microphone) and it cannot be identified, you will now be asked what kind of device it is. This addresses an is...

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Android system folks, can somebody explain the "init-managed Unix domain sockets", mentioned in the adb sources?
I'm looking for a way to replace this function by one that doesn't require an Android init system.
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