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Some awesome juxtapositions - irony in motion.

"Once we stop believing that morality has a basis in objective reality, once we start believing that morality is nothing more than subjective feelings and wishes, once we reduce justice from a cosmic law to a private preference, we no longer see it as binding or fear to disobey it when it is inconvenient. As Dostoyevsky notes, 'if there is no immortality, everything is permitted.'

Kreeft, P., & Tacelli, R. K.

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"For man, authority often means possession, power, dominion, success. For God, however, authority means service, humility, love. It means entering into the logic of Jesus Christ Who leans down to wash the feet of His disciples, Who seeks man's authentic good, Who heals wounds, Who is capable of a love so great as to give His life, because He is Love."

- B16, Angelus 1/29/12

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Been a long, long time since a Mizzou basketball team has had these chops:
"Missouri is a legitimate top-5 team and is good enough to win a national championship."

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FastCompany has posted a great story on LockerDome, including investments by Jim McKelvey (Square co-founder) and Brian Matthews (serials sports / tech entrepreneur).

Congrats to all at LockerDome who've been jamming so hard for so long, and here's to a blast taking the game to the next level!

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Quiet, reflective Christmas songs from one of my longtime favorite bands. Elegant in their simplicity, an antidote to the chainsaw noise and commotion in which we are often immersed.

More demo than release grade, but a real pleasure to stream or download.

My "brain is shut-down" reading right now is the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. No hurry, just dribbling through it in the inter-work/study periods. About a third of the way done.

My impressions so far:
- the book: first rate, thoughtful, honest.
- the person: enormously flawed, pretty much a brilliant, eloquent, charismatic, manipulative, ego-centric jerk ... who was also happy to lie, if it suited his purpose. If that's the price of "success", no thank you. Can't help but think of Mark 8:36 ,,, "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose ...".

The picture painted in this bio does make the authorizing of an honest bio a pretty daring act, actually. Hopefully that counts for something.

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Not even sure what to say about this guy - look at what he's doing to get photos from the Baja 1000 (via autoblog)
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