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I really, really need to be outside driving my

+Kia Motors America 
+Shellynn Lynn 
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Alton Sterling and Philando Castile:
Been thinking about this a lot this last couple days and I struggle. Regardless of the minor details, these men didn't deserve to die. Period. How do we as a nation justify the police killing innocent men in cold blood and these cops walk free? I struggle because I have a few police friends and I know they are good people who would never perform this kind of heinous crime. So how then do other police officers perform this atrocity, for this IS an atrocity, make no mistake. It seems as if killing these men of color is acceptable, no matter how minor the transgression. The Black Community cries out for open dialogue and recognition of this trend of pretty much sanctioned slaughter. What do they get? More bullets.
I struggle. I am white and I struggle to understand how my black friends should have to live in fear from police. Fear that being pulled over for the SLIGHTEST thing could end in their death. Why should they have to act any different than I do? I don't understand it. It sickens and saddens me, and I am not the one who really has to deal with it.
Perhaps I am over thinking it. Perhaps I am taking the media bait and making it a bigger issue than it is. I don't know. How can I? I am not being shot for wearing a hoodie, having a broken tail light, selling CDs. That is why I struggle.

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My wireless connection keeps dropping after about 10 minutes and won't reconnect until I restart my machine. It's a Lenovo. I have Rosa and the latest updates. Any suggestions?

Thank to Linux Mint, I was able to get dual boot Linux on my new Lenovo laptop. The new secure boot UEFI bios is a real pain. No other distro I tried, from CentOS, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Mageia - none of them would boot after installation, only Mint. Thanks to the Mint team!

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"Tree of Nerves Pen Drawing" by AtomiccircuS symbolizes the connection between humans and nature.

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+WIRED - Way be negative about someone trying to make a positive statement. Instead of trying to tear it down, how about trying to build it up? Maybe your author was correct and it shouldn't matter, but at the same time why tear Banksy down about it? Tear down his positive statement to make your own? Yeah, real adult there.

So, where's the hangouts in the new Google+ layout? Did they remove the integration? I like the fact that I could chat with friends while viewing my G+ content AT THE SAME TIME.

Mad Max - Fury Road = Not Good. Was more like Charlize Theron - Slightly Angry Meandering Path Through the Desert.
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