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Is the pipelight project dead now? I see no activities for a long time. Anyone knows about that?

It is a pity that easytag doesn't support wav file till now. Does the author abandon it?

How do you use conky to grab weather information on Linux Desktop Environment? I try to only use conky but it is somewhat heavy.

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How about the performance if it were installed with a Linux distribution?

Does 7z support recovery record now on Linux platform? I try to Google only to find some outdated posts. How about the situation nowadays?

Suppose I use fdupe in a 1TB external HDD filled with stuffs, is it possible to know how long it takes to accomplish the command?

How about the Rocket League for Linux now? I still can't see the Linux version from steam.

Which upload plugin is working in shutter now? Imgur plugin seems to stop working.

Is ufsd more stable than nfts-3g on Linux? Does someone give it a try on Linux? I want to give it a try on LinuxMint 17.3 in the future.
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