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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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Handy for a few people
Starting today, you can download the official +YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store. Find everything you love on YouTube even faster, and share it with the people you want. More details in the blog post below.
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Can you please fix this?
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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Does your local TV station use Hangouts yet?
Very helpful video about Hangouts
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We are a local news station. I'm currently looking to use hangouts as a teaching aid for our students and interns. Perhaps you could shed some light on how to effectively use google plus as a whole for the TV station and our students?
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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A better way to find hangouts
The New hashtag for hangouts is #hangoutposts  created by Google ..
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I think a better way to find hangouts is to also allow permanent named page and personal hangouts.
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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This is a handy app
Clean up your circles  * Recycle Google+ *

Today I found I couldn't add some people I wanted to add, so I asked for help.  +J.L. Btwee pointed me toward an app that let me clean out the inactive plussers (is that an oxymoron).  You can set a "no posts since" date and remove the folks who don't post.  I went back three months and cleared out several hundred.  

The app from Chrome is called Uncircle Inactives+ and is found at  
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"Item not found" in Chrome Web Store :-(
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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A better way to circle
Improved Suggestions in +Google+
Seems like when searching for people in your circles, you now get suggestions on who to add based on your profile data!

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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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Yes Hangouts on Air is being released to even more countries. Germany has also been added to the approved list. 

So get hanging and let us know what yuo think.
BIG NEWS for HOA Users .. It seems HOAs are NOW Available in ALL Countries except:    China, Thailand and Vietnam .. according to:
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go sign up :)
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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Share your stories with us right here.
Google Plus Stories YouTube Channel... submit your story

Did you know that there was a Google+ Stories Channel on YouTube? A Place where people can get their story told in amongst great company?


I'll admit, I missed this! And I'm a YouTube / G+ Fan! Whoops!
It looks like it was started May 24, 2012 and it features cool Video Stories about people and how they interact with/utilize Google Plus.

There is a place where you can fill in a form or send an email describing your 'story' and I'm guessing that you may get a reply from someone at Google+ if they want to take it to the next level.

Since +Sarah Hill is so prominently featured and her TV station as well, perhaps she can tell us how it works!

I subscribed to the YouTube Channel and will keep you updated when I see new videos posted. Did you know this existed? Do you plan on submitting a story?
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#youtube   #googleplus   #googleplusstories   #socialmediamarketing   #videomarketing  
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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Another great tip from a great Tipster
Clickable chat names
Not sure if this is new, but it's pretty handy. The names within a Google+ chat pane are now clickable and leading to the about page of the person you are chatting with.

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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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Here is a video showing the features of the new Google new Events feature
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haha, brilliant event example: Robert Redl is going to going to delete his Facebook account tomorrow! Nice one, Google = ;)
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Google+ Tips And Tricks

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A good quick guide to the new layout we have no G+
Tutorial for Your New Google+ Stream
The following guidelines and tips are based on the image attached.

01. Both the Google Logo and the Home button directs you to your Main Stream.
02. Go to your Profile.
03. Circles - Manage them into Circles of your wish.
04. Photos
--> Hover over the button to Add New Photos, To see the Photos from Your Phone OR View All your Photo Albums.
05. Pages button.
--> Hover over the Pages to button to switch between the Brand Pages you Admin or Manage.
06. More Extension, when extended shows the rest of the buttons
In may case; Explore, Hangouts, Games.
>> Explore : Shows what's new on Google+ and the What's Hot posts.
>> Hangouts : Displays LIVE hangouts to Join, and Hangouts on Air to Watch.
>> Games : Directs you to Your Game World! Shows Game Notifications, List of All Games, and what people in your Circles Played.
<<-->> Please Note that the Above mentioned Buttons can be rearranged in the Order You Prefer.
07. Share Box : Share what you feel, what you are interested in.
- > Feel free to Attach images, videos or links.
- > Format your posts with Bold, Italic, OR Strikethrough
08. Displays the Trending Search & Post Topics.
09. Live Hangouts and Start Hangout button.
10. Your Name : Clicking here shows you Your Brand Pages and Other Google Accounts to Switch.
>> Clicking on Your Profile Pic on the Google Bar also gives the same.
11. Hangout & Chat : Your Chat list.
--> Select whom to be visible to from Chat Privacy Settings.
12. Shows the list of Your Circles to View their Streams.
>> Also shows your Saved Searches, and Your Sparks.

Hope you've Learnt the Basics of the New Google Plus Interface.

Good Luck, and Keep providing The Feedback to the Google+ Team.
Thank You.
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I'm getting one picture at a time I want full screen how do I do that
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