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The Gavin Newsom Show
A hour-long program on Current TV with a decidedly California touch. To stay informed, be sure to "like" this page and follow us on Twitter: @GavinonCurrent
A hour-long program on Current TV with a decidedly California touch. To stay informed, be sure to "like" this page and follow us on Twitter: @GavinonCurrent

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Tomorrow on the show, we are honored to have iconic labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers—Dolores Huerta.

She joins us along with Padma Warrior, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco, and Jon Meacham, author of "Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power".

10PT, on Current.

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Where is Yelp headed this year?

CEO and Co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman offers some insight:

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3 Devastating Numbers:

Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben explains the scary math behind climate change:

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The negative stigma attached to those with disabilities has affected how the medical community treats patients who are mentally handicapped.

In this Web exclusive, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics, Tim Shriver, explains how medical professionals need to reeducate themselves with a new mindset that emphasizes these individual’s advantages rather than their limitations.  

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Computer science jobs are in huge demand, yet, even with soaring unemployment, there are simply not enough skilled workers to fill in these highly coveted positions. 

In this web clip, Brad Smith, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, explains America’s need to reform the education system and ramp up computer courses. 

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To what extent has social media replaced our most basic need of social interaction? 

Dean Ornish, MD, president and founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, presents the necessary tools for individuals to sustain a healthy lifestyle through his wellness program, the Ornish Spectrum.

Don’t miss the full interview this Friday, 10PT, on Current.

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Did the GOP miscalculate their ad buys?

Check out this analysis from veteran politico Willie Brown

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Check out this article by Vivek Wadhwa as he discusses TechCrunch’s new CrunchGov initiative to strengthen the ties between Silicon Valley and government officials. 

To what extent should the technology industry hold policymakers accountable for the creation and passing of technology-related laws?

Make sure to tune in for his interview this Friday, 11PT, on Current.

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How will the upcoming election change the national dialogue towards drug legalization?

Check out this exclusive Web Extra as Ethan Nadelmann, founder of the Drug Policy Alliance, discusses Washington State’s chance in becoming the first to legalize marijuana. 

Be sure to catch the full interview, airing tonight at 11PT on Current.

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The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof couldn't have been happier when Barack Obama chose to devote almost his entire speech at the Clinton Global Initiative to the growing problem of human trafficking, an issue Kristof has written extensively about.

Here is a clip from his full interview, airing tonight, 11PT, on Current
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