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Australian readers. Surely if The major Brands (Heinz, Pepsi, Coca Cola) etc got behind the mid range supermarkets like IGA the monopolies would bend if not break. Make IGA and other supermarkets competitive, with specials etc that the monopolies can't compete with, and draw the customers back to the smaller retailers with price.
It's all shelf interest in a price war
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If the smaller retailers offer special gourmet items and organic items they'll attract a customer base that wants those things. The smaller retailers have to position themselves effectively.

People who want to support local retailers can ask them to carry these items.
+Nike Chillemi Absolutely Nike. Many now have deli sections and meat and dairy sourced locally. In terms of staple branded items though they are at a disadvantage with price and promotion. The smaller supermarket chains run on minimal profits without big bank finance. And now that Metcash is out of the picture (to any degree) the big guys are driving the juggernaut.
+Graham Whittaker We also have small stores going out of business. In some cases the small store will survive if the owner comes up with a unique sales idea that catches on. Like selling local produce.

But generally it's the big stores that survive.
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