Thoughts on Poison and Disease
I was wondering how to represent poisons and diseases in Fate Core.
Perhaps something like this:

Each poison or disease has a Potency skill which determines how strong it is. Everytime you encounter the poison or disease, make a Physique roll against this value (or Will if the effects are psychological in nature). If you succeed, you have fought of the effects. If you fail, you gain an aspect such as Poisoned by Deadly Night Shade, or Infected with Green Pox. Depending on the nature of the poison or disease, you must now defend against an attack using the poison or disease's Potency, with Physique or Will, which will occur every exchange, scene or session, depending on the nature of the poison or disease, until the aspect is removed. If you are taken out, the disease or poison will either have killed you or changed you permanently (such as losing a limb or hideously scarring you, depending on the poison or disease. Removing an aspect may require a Lore roll, magic or rest and recuperation (permitting a Physique or Will roll after the rest period) using the poison or disease's Potency as the difficulty, or its Recovery value if you want these values to be different.
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