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I love Food

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All Christmas shopping is done I am one happy woman, now off to make some wonderful mince pies and add some more brandy to my Christmas pudding.

Ahh another day goes by. Who's ready for Christmas?

Christmas baking all day.

Putting Christmas decorations up in a few days actually getting excited about Christmas now.

Looking to make some wonderful ginger bread cookies for Christmas just searching for a good recipe. Anyone got any good Christmas inspired ginger bread recipes. Let me know!

Another week has started and it is the coldest Monday morning this year. I had to even scrap my car! Luckily I have a good amount of work leading up to Christmas which will keep me busy.

Winter has really started to kick in and now is the time to be making lots of lovely homemade stews and soups.

Ahh bonfire night absolutely love it with all the fireworks and sparklers perfect for roasting marshmellows. Shame the weather was abit rainy. Still had a great time.

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Halloween is here and it's time to bake up some fantastic yummy spooky cup cakes. I've got some great ideas but have also stumbled up on this great website so if you need any ideas have a look.

Pumpkin brought just need to decide a design to cut into it. Anyone got any ideas?
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