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This is the reason why the Polaroid Socialmatics on display at CES most likely weren't working demos.

According to the Polaroid page, they'll be taking the standard 2x3 ZINK paper that they've been shipping for a few years now. The quality is a little better than the stuff Avery makes, but it's still less than desirable and not at all suitable for even scrapbook archiving.

So before the whole internet blows this up to be the next big thing, I wanted to show everyone that they're getting excited over absolutely nothing.

Jessica Lares

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(The article is about cloud solutions and how businesses are taking advantages of it via smartphones) Well, in today's iPad keynote, there was definitely an ad that demonstrated this (the one where a bunch of people are in midair, and then a surgeon is operating with it in view).

The only time I've seen tech used in the business sector out in the open, is at some doctor offices. One doctor took his co-payments on his iPhone, and then a few weeks ago I went to go see a neurosurgeon who pulled up my MRI scans on his. Smartphones are more like a quick fix tool rather than your workhorse.

I think all this technology makes running a business more efficient, however I don't like it that now most companies are trying to blend in with us, using things like Instagram, Pinterest, and hire people to basically be as addicted to Facebook as we are just to promote their brand. It's kinda like celebrities on Twitter. They're talking like they're one of your best friends, but all they're trying to get from you is a sale of their next product/album/movie/etc.

And it's a one-sided conversation in these outlets. There are a few big companies out there who have a small team of marketers who operate a closed message board of about a few hundred people. You can post a message whenever, and it gets an answer within a day. And because these are customers who are actually people that come in every few days, and not some strangers trying to make casual conversation, it works. They test product ideas with us, they get great opinions from paying customers, and we get acknowledged 100%.

People don't want to be limited to 140 characters, or be in a crowd of 200,000 replies.
Now these were COOL fireworks!
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+Dara Nuth Right? I would LOVE to know how!

Jessica Lares

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Nice day at the lake yesterday. Shot with my iPad Mini of course. My S2 has a dented lens at the moment. :(

Jessica Lares

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And my finished video. Bit weird at parts, but then again, I'm a beginner! :)
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My Nokia Lumia 520 just got Oggl yesterday and Instagram today. The experience on Windows Phone keeps getting better and better as I use it. My only issue is that I can't fit all my apps and games within the 8GB of space.
Taken with my cheap Android GoPhone. Can't wait until iPhone 5S, my photography is really going to take off after learning some new tricks. :)

Jessica Lares

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The most perfect rainbow I've EVER seen. So glad I had my iPad handy at the time.

Jessica Lares

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Getting back into blogging slowly. That and just life in general, ha. So much stuff happening in the tech world at the moment. Really like this service that just popped up for us Android users.

Jessica Lares

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I'll post my final animation tomorrow as it's like 2GB and I'm exhausted as I've been rendering all weekend, but here are some of my early stills I rendered for the project I turned in tonight for my Animation I class.
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Hi, I'm Jessica. I do a lot of things. One of them is not posting bazillion links to tutorials and articles on everything in sight. That's to keep 1 less of the same link being posted on everyone's Friends page.

But I write, I whine, I draw, I take pictures, and just about everything else.

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