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I've been looking at expanding the abilities of the AskUbuntu lens and I've thought about the idea of getting it to search local help files on the user's computer. Turns out this wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. I do kind of wonder if it compromises the idea behind the lens, though, as it makes it into more of a general Help lens than purely an AskUbuntu one. On the other hand, it does make Ubuntu's own help files more visible.

The horrible black background on the icons is a Unity bug, by the way. Specifically, this one:

Also, it's kind of a shame that more applications don't have yelp-compatible help files. All I have on my system is files from ubuntu, empathy, gnomine, boabob, deja-dup and mahjongg.

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Good stuff. Can you make those icons monochrome (Icons next to Actions, Local help files, etc) for the sake of consistency? Thanks.
I remember the 11.04 version having monochrome icons. I might have mistaken though.
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