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Matt Clausen
Complete and utter political junkie...also into hockey and baseball
Complete and utter political junkie...also into hockey and baseball

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FINALLY the G+ iPad App....oh....and it's AMAZING

Few more days left in NY...this is pretty crazy

Well, this is a pretty update to the iPhone it make me use G+ more, unsure. 

Is there a way to remove out the "You May Know" recommendations on Google+? Because this person has been recommended to me for about 2 months to me. It is rather annoying.

Much as I like the new layout of Goggle+, I'm just not using it....Same holds true of Facebook. Twitter is my main social network it seems. I am more likely to post there than any other network. Not to say it's anything against Google+ or Facebook, I think it's my own mindset, I'd rather fire off 140 characters tan these long and expansive posts....

This new design isn't that horrible, plus the idea of it re-sizing to the browser window isn't bad either. It's more customizable and not nearly as terrible as other re-designs.

Well Google+....I'm impressed

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It would be awesome, in typical Islanders fan fashion, for our G-plusers to share this page with their circles. Help us spread the word and find some more people to add to circles.

Trying to uss Google+ more and no one posts anymore, aaside from the two news feeds.....This is sad.

GoogleTalk tiles look SO much better on my Google+ Pages than my Gmail Page
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