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Nick C

Just joined today! Going to by softcover version ASAP! I'm planning on doing DCC-MCC mash-up with Umerica AND Anomalous Subsurface Environment. It should be awesome!

Hey everyone! Just joined. Anyone have any suggestions on the Scientist class from ASE (Anomalous Subsurface Environment) to convert to MCC? Is it even possible?

Just joined! Hello to everyone!
I've had ASE for a few years now. did a couple of sessions and that was about it. then I discovered Dungeon Crawl Classics and WOW! I'm going to use ASE with BOTH DCC and MCC. Already found some stuff that was converted to the DCC rules (Mok, Insect Man, Robot classes). Does anyone have a source for a DCC conversion of the Scientist class?
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