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Mike Stevens
Owner of HTMLFOX Responsive Website Design Akron Ohio
Owner of HTMLFOX Responsive Website Design Akron Ohio


Digital or Online Marketing

Promoting your business or hobby is no easy task. Some people, even myself (years ago) thought that if I have a website, millions of people will see it and I will be very busy. Potentially this may be true but in reality it is not true. In rare instances, building a website, optimizing it for search engines and having very little or even no competition on the internet will get you on page one most every time. But, if you have no competition maybe there is no need for your product or service which means not a single person will type in your keywords and you will be very slow.
OK, back to reality. Lets assume you have a good idea or business. People are interested in your product and/or service. You may have a brick and motor business or simply work from a home office.
We can fast forward here since we want to talk about marketing. You now have a website in place and it is optimized for your keywords and it does come up for search results. However, you ask yourself as every good business owner does, “How can I get more customers?” This is where “Marketing” comes in.
What are My Options

There are many options. Some expensive and other are very affordable and some even FREE. We all know about television and radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards. Direct mail, vehicle wraps, printed T-Shirts and so on. These all come with their own price which you can investigate when you have time. Other option that are free are, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on, These are the social media sites. These are free and do allow you to promote your business. Again, people feel that if I am on Facebook, millions of people will see me and I will be very busy. Remember what we read about earlier, that same thing applies here. The potential is there but in reality it most likely will not happen. Now you may be asking, “Then why do I bother with any of this if great things don’t happen. The answer is, you should do as much as possible to give your business or hobby the best possible chance to be seen and succeed. It usually does not hurt to promote your business in as many of these venues as possible. You do have to consider your time to register, login, create, edit and maintain each venue. Yes, this is time consuming but most people are passionate about their work and it does become a labor of love at times.
More Marketing

Yes there is more, and even after I write this there may be more new venues. Here’s a few more big venues to consider, YouTube…You can upload many videos about your business. Maybe a simple “About Us” or “How To” video…Ebay…You can list a few of your products on Ebay, create an Ebay store. The same applies for Craigslist. There are others but you get the idea.
Google PPC

Google offers in my opinion one the best ways to promote your business on the internet today. Google is very reputable and has great support. The Google Adwords form of advertising offers every business owner the opportunity to advertise their business at a budget they can afford. There are many helpful tutorials on Youtube to help guide you if you are the hands on type. I have used Google Adwords, in fact I have used most of the venues that I mentioned in this article and for my money Google Adwords has performed the best in the long haul. However, like I mentioned earlier there are new options springing forth almost every day. One that was brought to my attention just recently is called I have used this service. It is buyer beware. You may not get the desired results but everything is only $5.00 per campaign. It may be worth a try. Like I said earlier, I do recommend Google Adwords, however I do mention other options, even most of which I have tried and may even be using today. However, you can pick and choose whichever suites your needs and in doing so, you are responsible for the decision and risk. I just want to provide you with some relevant information and you can do your research and make your decision whether to market your business which ever way you feel is best.
Even More Online Marketing

Here is another area that seems to have no end. Just when you think you have all the bases covered another way to market your business online shows up. Google+, Pinterest, Yelp, Facebook and numerous online directories and the grand daddy directory the DMOZ. These are just a few. I am sure there will be a few more created even as this article is being published!
I Need Help

If you need help with marketing decisions or getting set up for a venue I may be able to help. You can email or call and we can try to figure out a solution for your wants and needs.
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Getting Started with a New Website

Getting started is not as difficult as one would think. Here is a short list of things to consider when starting a new website.

1. Domain Name… Typically this should be the same name as your business.

2. Keywords...Choose several keywords that best describe your business along with the products and or services your provide.

3. will need to provide original content or content that you have permission to publish for your website. You may wish to elaborate on how your company started, it’s history, your mission statement and so on.

4. Photos & Images…It is a good idea to have high quality photos and or images throughout your website. The photos add color and enhance the visitors experience. Images help compliment the content. Good content and quality images really make a great website.

5. Budget...Determine your budget. Remember most websites are affordable. Also, you can always expand in the future. If your budget is modest, start with the basics. As you budget grows you can add pages one at a time…
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Source Files - PSD Files.

A word about source files. Source files are the working files that are used to build/create/design the final web page or design for which the client is paying for. There may be several source files to create one final design or web page. Who owns them? This is something that is discussed at the beginning of each project. Normally HTMLfox DOES NOT provide the source files to their clients unless agreed upon before the project begins. However, if at a later date the client requests the source files but at the beginning of the project it was agreed upon that the client did not request the source files, there may be an extra fee to have the source files delivered.
Why do we NOT normally provide the source files along with the finished website?

Here is one approach to this debatable topic

You buy a new car. You drive it for several months. You want to change the oil. You need a special tool to take the oil filter off. The car did not come with this special tool. You go back to the dealer and talk with the sales rep. and explain to them your situation. You like the car, the sales people were great to work with but they forgot to give you the oil filter wrench. You soon realize that the oil filter wrench does not come with the car. You have to buy it separately. This is only one example. What about the gauges to test the engine or air conditioning. Initially all these tools are not included in the original sticker price but I am sure for an extra price they can all be delivered.
Source files at htmlfox are similar. These are the tools we use to make your finished product which would be a functioning website. Your source files may include PSD’s, Flash Files, and possibly more. We normally do not include them when delivering a copy of your website however you are in titled to them if agreed upon and htmlfox receives proper compensation which would be agreed upon at the beginning of the project and in writing. If this has not been covered, you may request the source files for a nominal fee.

HTMLfox is not here to lock you out of the source files. Keep in mind that there is always time involved. If the source files are to be delivered when the website is complete, your quote will have included the time necessary to deliver both to you. If we never discussed delivering the source files, we can deliver the source files later but there may be a fee. The fee will be reasonable to cover our time to gather all the source files.

One final note:  if you do NOT want the source files, your price will reflect this. If you DO want the source files, your price will be adjusted accordingly. In other words, you only pay for what you want. No need to pay for source files if you do not have a use or the experience to use them…
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Responsive Website Design. To those who may not have heard about "Responsive Design", basically this is a website that is designed to respond to the width or what ever screen / view port ( monitor) you are using. In other words, the website is designed in such a way that it gracefully fills the view port. From a small hand held smart phone to wide screen monitors to even wide screen TV that have internet browsing capabilities.

This may not sound like a big deal but it really is. In my opinion website look much better and have a better user experience with this style design.

The coding for this is not new, it just hasn't made it to main stream until recently. Now it seems to be the choice for many new websites. My website "" is a responsive design. If you visit my site on a large monitor you can re-size your window and see how it gracefully re=arranges itself as you make the window larger or smaller. You can even re-size down to a smart phone width to get an idea of  how nice it is when everything is coded properly. 
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Visit my website for more information about me and what I do.
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HTMLFOX is offering a one page mobile friendly solution for your website. The mobile friendly version has touch screen phone calling, driving directions and email.
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