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Pummeled.  Yup, that's a great description.  Even the west side valleys are catching a bit.   Love. it.

Wouldn't it be cool if MAF in OEPE could open an MAF MAA file built in JDeveloper?  Thoughts?

JDEV - ADF Mobile (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Self Service Mobile 4.1.1).  Deployment does not work with Apple iOS SDK 8.1 (deployment that works in earlier Apple SDKs fails in 8.1).  As of Feb. 1, 2105, Apple requires all new iOS apps to be deployed in 64-bit with SDK 8.1.  Anybody have a fix for deploying PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Self Service Mobile App 4.1.1 (JDEV + ADF Mobile) with SDK 8.1, or is this the end of the road for Campus Solutions 4.1.1 on iOS?

Have just about finished my comparison between PhoneGap and ADF Mobile.  Yes, I know...same roots.  Still like ADF Mobile a bit better - I'm more productive with it.  Might be prior knowledge of ADF trumps learning curve with PhoneGap nuances?  Working on boiling down my impressions... Anybody else out there have an opinion?

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Having a ton of fun playing with a combo of HTML5 Bootstrap framework and ADF.  Starting to think again about mapping Bootstrap elements to ADF Design Patterns.  Fun little "hobby project".

Been checking out what's happening at Domo.  Analytics.  On the cloud. Simple UX.  Way cool.

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At Oracle HQ this week in a UX team workshop; essentially a great ADF and ADF Mobile workshop. Also had the opportunity to share some of my own ADF Essentials work.

Have learned so much this week. The deeper I get into ADF, the more it rocks! Building a customer support app next, just to sharpen up my own skills.

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Some pretty decent results from ADF Essentials:
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