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A Sexual Paradigm Shift is Happening!

As a doctor of human sexuality who spent a year attending art college in Vancouver I am in awe of these photos by Ricardo Scipio.

He set out on a journey to capture the very real essence of the goddess stepping into and embracing her divine sexuality. He’s done it with sincere intent that shines through.

When the artist asked me to look at his work I was honored but somewhat skeptical of his firm belief that this is not erotica. After spending time with each image I’ve shifted my view. His goddess portfolio is not veiled porn, nor is it erotica, it’s a genuine reflection of a significant part of who each of us is at our core – whole sexual beings.

The images show a vast array of shame free sexual expression. All are void of posing, posturing and there’s not a money shot to be found. This is art!

Through his lens you’ll discover the reality of authentic, unfettered and emotion filled images that resonate with truth.

In all honesty I expected to be aroused by the photos – I wasn’t. Instead I felt raw power. I felt myself surrendering to their beauty. I felt my energy move into one of complete sexual embodiment – body, mind, heart and spirit.

For each unique individual varying emotions may surface. I encourage you to soak in the experience and allow your being to absorb the honesty that Ricardo has captured. This is an entirely new and courageous look at the goddess and sex.

Dr. Gayle Friend

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Why Sex?

My current project “The Sex Goddess Project” is about women expressing themselves sexually and being unashamed and unapologetic in that celebration. This is quite a departure from my previous work which has been decidedly non- sexual. So why sex ?

The simple reason is that I think sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers. I have nothing against porn- other than I find it tacky, empty and not remotely resembling real sexuality. But sadly the only images of sex most people have access to in the public arena is porn and that’s just as bad for society as if the only restaurants a person could go to were all junk food restaurants. People need choices and the opportunity to choose something healthier.

Maybe sex isn’t important to you but it sure is to me . I’m not sure anything is more important than sex. As I wrote in an earlier piece it’s literally the only evolutionary meaning of life. Sex creates life and we live in an anti-sex anti-life pro-violence money-worshipping repressed fear-based society and I’m not having any of that.

I’m not afraid of sex, I’m not afraid of women and I’m definitely not afraid of women expressing their sexuality. So The Sex Goddess Project is a group of rebels and misfits enjoying and celebrating our Goddess-given sexuality.
Very few people have what it takes to be in The Sex Goddess Project and many people do not have the kind of eyes and minds to handle the images we are creating. But for those who like me love sex and art it’s quite a wonderful, healthy, delicious feast.
-ricardo scipio 2013

Photography is an Act of Submission

Photography is an act of submission
She is a demanding and sometimes cruel mistress
She requires that you surrender without thought of the damage that might be done
She tears apart your cherished beliefs
She shows you more than you are ready to see
She torments you when you’ve spent too much time away
She’s silent when others mock and savage you
She’s unforgiving when you doubt
She’s unrelenting when you are discouraged
She does not come to your rescue
Or give any succour to your weakness
The only offering she accepts Is your all, your voice, the authentic expression only you have
Anything less is laid to waste

-ricardo scipio 2015

Photography is an Act of Reflection

Photography is also an act of reflection
When I see you I also see myself
Through you my fears, discomforts and generosity are exposed Through learning about you I learn about myself
You are more than a mirror
You are a challenge and a confrontation and a celebration Through embracing you
I also must endure you
By surviving you
I know my strength
By reaching you
You teach me
Lessons I would have otherwise avoided
By showing me my flaws
You remind me of my transcendence You are such a great revelation
You humble me
- ricardo scipio 2015

Photography is an act of penetration

I want to break down the barriers that separate you from me
I want to share in your secret
I want to rejoice with you and despair with you
I want to bask in the glow of your sun
I want to be kissed by the coolness of your moon
I want to see you and recognize you
And I want you to show me yourself
Your real self
The you you are in the stillness of the night
When no one’s watching
I want to be a guest in your world
And receive you into my arms I want to catch you as you fall I want to fall into you
I want to do you justice
-ricardo scipio 2015

The Lost Art of Intimacy

The lost art of intimacy.

It’s cold gray winter day in Canada. It’s a Sunday and I’m thinking about intimacy because it’s an integral part of the sex goddess project.

I believe intimacy is the ability to let down our barriers, to let down our defenses and allow another human being to get close to us- it’s the ability to be vulnerable and be open and be authentic and present.

I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rules about intimacy. I don’t think it necessarily takes a long time to become intimate- I think you could become instantly intimate with another human being if you so choose and if the energy is flowing the right way. I also think conversely you can know someone for 20, 30, 40 years and never be able to be intimate with them the matter how hard you try. I think it’s a matter of chemistry, timing, intent and maybe other things as well.

Intimacy seems to be a lost art- a lost or neglected reflex in this cold remote society.
Yet ironically I think it’s probably the thing that many people crave the most- to be seen and held and felt and heard by another person.

I think photography has strange uneasy relationship with intimacy. On one hand it’s a superficial two-dimensional medium mitigated by a machine on the other hand the lens can be so penetrative and because you are taking a discrete moment of time I think photographs can often capture intimacy.

I’m in the funny position as a photographer that I’m almost always trying to compel complete strangers to open up and create intimacy with me in front of the camera.
I’m trying to get beyond their masks and public personas and get as much of the core authentic person to show up. The main way that I trying to accomplish this is to be completely naked and unguarded and real myself while running the risk of seeming uncool or goofy or I don’t know. I don’t know what people think when they meet me but whatever they think at least they need to know that at least they’re meeting the real me.

So I have two hours to go on a magical journey into the core of mu subject’s being- at the same time trying to stay on top of all the technical and logistical challenges of trying to produce a great photo.

Seems to be working though, it’s happening, There’s some sort of alchemy that’s allowing this to happen. I’m not going to spend any time analyzing what it may or may not be I’m just very grateful. I’m grateful that after all is said and done and I look at the photos I do often see that spark of intimacy (sometimes it’s a burning flame) and I’m very very grateful to the Goddesses that have shot with me who have allowed me a glimpse into their often splendid sometimes troubled energy fields.

I feel very honoured by you all.
-ricardo scipio 2015

Art versus Erotica

My Sex Goddess Project is a work of Sexual Art not porn or erotica, and I don't like it being lumped together with either.
The most important aspect of erotica and it main purpose-similar to porn, is to sexual arouse the viewer or reader-porn and erotica just use slightly different methods to do so. Art never tries to sexually arouse the viewer/reader, that's not something art is concerned with. Art in it's purest expression is an language used by an individual artist to express their unique world view unapologetically, through a art medium. Art often tries to provoke or challenge or criticisize or ridicule or mourn or pray but not arouse or titilate or hate or mock.
Art gives us a glimpse of an individual on an individual journey, and if the work is sincere and honest it's echoes allow the viewer/listener to experience their own world differently.

Art is a window into another soul.
- ricardo scipio 2016
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