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Butt Man Triumphs, Wins Grand Award
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Very cool. Nasty things...hate to see them, smell them, and rarely pick them up.

Here in Bisbee we have Staple Man. He's been working his way across town, pulling the staples out of telephone poles where people have hung fliers and posters (for decades, from the looks of it). He will stand next to a pole for hours, completely focused, pulling out the staples with a tool, ignoring everything around him. One day, Taylor and I saw an attractive blonde go up to him and start talking to him. He stayed focused. We laughed.

I don't know what he is going to do with them. Get a carload and take them to Tucson to be recycled?
I've never been more proud of my hometown. We need a butt man in downtown Madison. Also +Curtis Wenzel make a trip to city hall sometime. An Art Deco masterpiece.
Been there many times +Bob Hague! Our wedding reception was right across the street at another Art Deco masterpiece, The St.Paul Women's Club.
Does he have an associate called Robin, or am I confusing him with someone else ?
You're thinking of Butt Man and Rubbin'
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