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Should I be concerned that the only thing on my bucket list is to kick it?
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Yes. Steal this quote.
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it's after the end of the world as we know it

so stop feeling so fine

"The skeptics fear that a toxic mix of artificial intelligence, robotics and bio- and nano-technology could make previous threats of nuclear devastation seem “easy” to manage by comparison. These people aren’t cranks. They’re folks like Jaan Tallinn, the 40-year-old Estonian programming whiz who helped create Skype, and who now fears he’s more likely to die from some AI advance run amok than from cancer or heart disease."
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Worth a listen. Guest is sane and smart. Not a nut case.
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The Sarin is for Gray Matter

oh yes that sweet man is gone forever
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From the beginning Jesse was such a weakling and Walt despised him. Jesse survived.
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The Girl Who Broke JD Salinger's Heart

she was 17
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Yet it's hmmm story .! maybe it's worth and I do not know suicide lol.!
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Snap 'O My App

For Mr Snoopy Pants +John Walkenbach.
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Now show us the REAL shopping list...

Cap'n Crunch
Pork Jowels
Cotton Candy
Pork Back
Snickers Family Size
Hot Dogs
Wonder Bread
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Curtis Wenzel

commented on a post on Blogger.
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This must happen to me ! I was born on Day of the Dead! IWAS BORN ON DAY OF THE DEAD!!
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+Carolyn Curtis I thought I did do that, have I not? (and I will point out that besides the birthright aspect, WE HAVE THE SAME GLORIOUS NAME!)

Gotta be more than kizmet.
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This guy should be POTUS, not Hillary

“I’ll be honest with you, I was a little naïve in 2000,” says Schweitzer. “The system’s changed since then. It’s gotten a lot worse. I found that being a member of Congress means your only job is to get re-elected. History will judge you by how many times you get re-elected, and you get re-elected by raising money. You raise it from insurance, from pharmaceutical, from big energy, and from the military-industrial complex.”
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I like the Snowden clemency and anti-interventionism stuff.
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The Stalk
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Beautiful symmetry
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Okay +John Walkenbach, the real grocery lists.
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As I thought
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iOS7 is kinda like when Link became a cartoony figure.
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I want to see what's in your shopping list app. 
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