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White Punk on Hope
White Punk on Hope

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Here fishy fishy fishy!

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wake up white people

You let a Bad Guy into 1600

This will mean indictments soon.

You don't hear such open testimony otherwise. I hope the investigation reaches the President (so-called). What a tool he is.

Let us ready the tar and feathers.

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Great Dialogue Between Obama Staffers and Snowden archivist, Glen Greenwald

Who I believe has Tweet - blocked at least one of these guys.

Check out this cool episode:

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Warning: jarring images

fascinating piece of tragic history and art.

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Damn this is good

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sober-sided reasoning

Trump prevails until his own backers turn on him. The resistance needs patience, discipline, and boundaries, or runs the risk of looking just as crazy as Trump.

hard to swallow, but needs to be said

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Ghost Head Woman

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new Kennedy on the bench to run in 2020?
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