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Is There a More Ridiculous Cartoonist than Scott Adams?

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Funny thing is Trump seems like just the mind of boss Delbert would rail against, right?
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This Post Share Is For +Andrew Wright & +Adella Wright

you guys are here in ten years
Wow... what a surprise.  Such a cool dad.  My nominee for dad of the year.   Definitely worth the time to watch it.   Grab the tissues!
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Oh my god! Sniffle, sob.
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The Kid Stays in the Picture

first ride for me since three heart vessel stents were crammed into me on July 21. been too hot and humid for the heart patient to pedal until this morning.

10 miles at an average of 6.6 MPH was what I could muster.

Well, as Curly would say, "If at first you don't succeed, keep on suckin' 'til you do succeed."

I love to ride!
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I've been going through rehab and conditioning from my broken hip. As you love riding your trike, you'll find a pace that works for you. You're a smart guy and will be back to your old self, maybe even stronger.

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Curtis Wenzel

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Any suggestions for water bottle cage mounts on the back of this ICE trike seat?

I can't remember what I tried before, but it SUCKED. And I don't use bladders.
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Right on Curtis,

I make a light canvas pouch in colors to match the bent. They're lined with 3/16" insulation foam and have a bubble wrap bag that the hydration pack fits into. The insulation foam hasn't been installed on the bent in this image.

When the bag is in the pouch and filled, the pouch is smooth. The hose runs down the underside of the seat to the front hook & loop seat pad strap. It's out of the way and easy to access. The hydration pack is accessed through a pair of zippers on the top for easy filling.
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Curtis Wenzel

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Curtis Wenzel originally shared:
Trikes Gettin' Ready to Roll

trikes gettin' ready to roll!

I was strung out on Bikes
And Upright was my thing
I dug Trek, I dug Brooks
Any traditional thing

But I ran into a friend
Who told me there was so much more
Find the void that you missed
There is plenty to explore

Trikes getting ready to roll
Trikes getting ready to roll
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+Oliver Brandmüller I read that when I looked it up on Wikipedia! It's quite a historical tower at that. 
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Nice to see Evil Grasshopper from Bug's Life working again
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Is it The Enigma who plays the part?
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Curtis Wenzel originally shared:
Venn Diagram Please of All Those Who Attend This Lecture Who Were At The Disrupted Bernie Saunders Rally

if I had a reporting beat I'd be talking to those folks. 
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Ha!  Chicken.  I was momentarily impressed by Reagan...a fact that my High School Civics teacher reminds me of every couple months, or so.
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Curtis Wenzel

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Curtis Wenzel originally shared:
Its tough to get old, but it's good to get ugly

Riding my folder yesterday on a glorious summer day, I am ascending the hill that goes right by the hospital that fixes my ticker when suddenly it feels like someone is giving my left nipple a mild shock. I stop at the top of the hill and an eerie pain hits me.

It's like a childhood bully just flicked your heart like he did your ear years ago: silent, stinging, smug.

I sit in the shade and put a nitro under my tongue and the pain begins to dissolve. I call my heart guy and his assistant tells me to go to the ER immediately. I tell him I'm about a minute's walk from the place right now.

I walk in with my bike (no lock) and the guard puts it safely behind the desk. The triage nurse takes me in and gets my vitals.

"I'm a rider too, " she says, "I commute to work year round." The Zombie Raccoons are discussed as is her leisure time pursuit of track riding at the Velodrome as a member of the All City women's team. I don't tell her I've instantly fallen in love with her even while worried I'm about to plotz - such is her tremendous charm and vitality.

They check me in. EKG me. Blood test me. I'm okay. No heart event has occurred. Likely an undigested bit of tofu or some such.

I am released. I go out the ER door and pedal the three miles home.
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Can You Be a Rock Star & Look Like Uncle Fester?

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I love MC 900 Ft Jesus!
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Curtis Wenzel

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Ta-Nehisi Coates's new book comes out tomorrow. Nobody discusses race in America with such clear understanding and insight. A must-read.
Coates writes about race and social issues for The Atlantic. His new book, Between the World and Me, brings to bear his fear that his life and the lives of his loved ones might end unnaturally.
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Curtis Wenzel

Discussion  - 
Any suggestions for water bottle cage mounts on the back of this ICE trike seat?

I can't remember what I tried before, but it SUCKED. And I don't use bladders.
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Vic MD
Two Fish strap on bottle cage or a Camelbak Unbottle.
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Curtis Wenzel

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Curtis Wenzel originally shared:
Cop Confuser Rides Proud

"Is that thing registered?"
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+Curtis Wenzel I agree. Lot's of attitude on both sides. It seems he was prepared to teach but couldn't deal with the fact that the officer wasn't that interested in learning. Apparently not a "teachable moment"!
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