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When my video game jokes have package dependencies on unrelated science fiction television shows, I suspect I really limit my audience.
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I got it, and love it! (Also Origin is bullshit...)
You've delved deeply for that one... Nice...

Sadly now I'll never be able to look at their logo without thinking of the Ori...=)
I find your lack of faith in the Ori disturbing.
Sure it's a limited audience... but we thank you for indulging us. :)
"hallowed are the ori" - also useful for javascript same origin policy jokes.
Rarely has a image made me spew with laughter. But THAT was funny.
Origin is EAs bullshit version of Steam. It's klunky and highly inferior.
Origin isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Its still just steam without all the good features and amazing sales. Pretty much useless. Too bad I am hopelessly addicted to Mass Effect.
I think that Mass Effect and Stargate cross paths on many of the same themes. Personally I'm going to be picking up my copy of ME3 from those belly snakes over at Gamestop.
Wait, they're porting Origin to the XBox 360?
+Sean Chitwood True, you could avoid origin by playing on a console. But that would be like deciding to live in a tent because you don't want to have to deal with locking the door on your house.
Ancient Steam will kick the Ori everyday and twice on sunday...
As much as I really enjoyed ME1 and 2, I am no longer giving EA any of my money.
I love that the joke has a package dependency on a sci-fi show... but then the comment has a package dependency on understanding the term package dependency
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