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Laugh or complain .. short Video Human Behaviour .. very rude but how will you handle it

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Tuesday theme is "Change the World" so ave-a-go-anna
About add excitement to EVERY working day at

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how she Trained myself to be less busy at work and get my life back

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TG Thai Airways SUPER global flight DISCOUNTS Feb to Oct 2017
access code at link
just do it
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Radar detector and accident hazard alert so small it fits in your hand, powered by blue tooth to your smartphone, easy to between vehicles .. save money, save lives

Purchase link
or see more details at
#TrapTap #RadarDetector

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quick tips: How to add excitement to every working day (is that possible? up to you)

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360 Spherical camera / video eyewear (glasses)
LOOK: - > 5 days remain to get 70% off retail price
already 300% sales over target ... it's hot, the more they sell the lower the price ...
Video and pics in link below - Great for Travel and Adventure
#orbiPrime #Crowdfunding #Indiegogo
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