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Merry Christmas
I wish all my readers a merry Christmas. Right now I'm waiting for the rest of my family to attend an early Christmas dinner at our house. The gifts are already under the Christmas tree, which makes me even more  nervous, because I have no idea what is insi...

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Ms. Stoneface
Some people (read most of them) always think that I'm an icequeen, without any feelings. Sometimes even without a heart. But that, my dear friends, isn't true. I don't show any emotions, because I think it is a weakness. To show emotions. Sure, as every hum...

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BLK DNM Sample Sale
A couple of days ago, I scrolled through my instagram-feed and saw an open invitation to a BLK DNM-sample sale. In that very moment I decided to check it out, even though the sale was located across town from my favorite shopping spots. Why not? I have noth...

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Mascara for kids?
I opened a site today, the first thing I saw was a big advertisement of a new L'Oréal mascara called: Miss manga. Advertised with a colorful, animated character that looks like a panda with giant lashes and is dressed in pink clothes. Is it even right to ta...

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