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Flame On.
Friday, time for some fun faves right now... Captain America : Civil War is out on Amazon. That alone makes this day absolutely GREAT! There's something about these Marvel movies that keep me watching and watching. I suppose it's the Comic Book stories from...

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poke a what?
The word of advice from my daily calendar says CHILL. I'm pretty sure I don't even know what that means anymore. What I do know is that I am looking forward to the Wednesdays that I am home BEFORE 11:30pm after leaving the house at 8:00am for work. One more...

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Rain. I feel like I am drowning lately because it's been raining for the last two weeks and my garden needs weeding and my grass needs mowed, but every spare moment I have at home, it's either raining or night time. And this next week is rummage sale prep a...

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Messy Grace
red + yellow = orange, any 5 year old knows that. But life is messy. and hard. SO  hard. I'm joining life again after attending the Orange Conference 2016  #OC16  this past week. We (a Sunday School teacher & friend/family and previous youth chaperone) went...

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of course.
Things these days: Pillowfort Collection at Target. If they made their bed linens for a queen bed, I'd be all over them.  Instead, I pine from afar and daydream of having dinosaur sheets or rocket ships or arrows to coordinate with my adventurous dreams. Ba...

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Crackerjacks & headaches
          Today is the first day since Friday that I can function without a dreaded headache/migraine. I am not sure if it was the massive storm system that blew in all weekend or dehydration or sinuses or ALL three mega things, but man.. I was knocked out ...

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What shall I do?
Currently: Making: Cinnamon Rolls for a lazy morning breakfast since we're both off work this morning Anticipating: April 5th release date. Learning: About JOHN through a free Master's Course via Dallas Theological Seminary. This is brilliant because it's a...

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I like big books and I cannot lie.
I just saw a pinterest tip on what to do when "books are cluttering up your home". Can you imagine the dilemma of building bookshelves to actually house books and not things you have to dust from places like Home Goods, TJ MAXX, Marshalls, Target, etc.? We ...

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Neighborhoods can be families
There's something to be said about productivity. I always feel most productive when I start the morning moving around DOING something instead of my face in the phone.  I've already taken out the trash, picked up dishes I was too lazy to take into the kitche...
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