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Connecting the future of Healthcare!
Connecting the future of Healthcare!

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If you've gone through medical school, nursing school, or other medical trainging, you've probably got some scars...

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So proud of all the medical folks.  Long day.  
My friends that were running the #Boston Marathon are okay.

This is all I could do to help. I made a video.

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A fun little video.
Here's a new music video we produced.  It's a fun one.

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We've faced so many hurdles, challenges, pains in our industry.  Yet we're still here.  

The good news is that we're stronger and ready to serve our patients even better.
No matter what challenges you faced this past year, you made it.  And you're only getting stronger.

Thanks for the friendship and support.  We'll be ready for the good times ahead.

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For all the time-strapped doctors and healthcare professionals building a social media community, this might be worth reading.
Had a very long, interesting discussion with Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library TV guy).

I'd love your thoughts on this when you get time.

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Congrats to +Claudia Anderson-Scimeca on the big opening of the new +Family Dental Care Park Ridge office. It looks beautiful!
My dear friend +Aaron Biebert wrote a really compelling post on +8pm Warrior Network about "The Day" that we aim for as we set a vision before us and work towards that vision to get to...."The Day"...and he wrote it with the journey that +Family Dental Care Park Ridge has been on as we got to our own personal "The Day" with the opening of our new office this week!! Thank you are a great friend!!

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We're back from our annual cruise. Just saw this
Sometimes we learn the most about leadership from real life lessons on what NOT to do. This is probably one of those cases.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some ideas for ways to say thank you this season
Everyone thanks differently, but leaders must thank bigger and never leave doubt of their appreciation. Take time to do it right.

Here are a couple ideas:

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Pictures from some of our fun events. Good times!
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