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Social Media enthousastic with a scouting edge

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How Textual For KWLP

→ 4 screen setup
→ First screen has current location on expandable map, music controls and BG color based on album art
→ Screen 2 has room for 2 sets of shortcuts
→ Third screen shows/hides phone stats and calendar events grouped by day.
→ Last screen shows a simple three day forecast as a dialogue (separate download at
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To Work with multiple screens, I fade out with BG scroll
However, there are touch actions linked to certain shapes and text and apparently even faded out, these react on touches. Is there a way to prevent this? So touch disabled when faded out...

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WIP question
If you look at the stats section, would you expect that the bar represents the text written above or below?
Not sure about my placement of these...

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I've made a small simple widget that provides a three day weather forecast as a dialogue.
It has some touch actions to switch between days and refreshes when clicked.

It's not much, but it's published :-)
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I'm having issues with shapes over shapes I believe.
Screenshot 1 shows the color of my 'Dock Separator' that is placed on top of all my items (seen in screenshot 3)
However, if you look at screenshot 2, where it's set as a wallpaper, it's just black.

Does anyone have an idea if this might be a known issue?
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I seem to be the nitpicker, but I guess I might as well tell it?
When you use the 'rm()' method and you provide a faulty parameter it says "Invalid Battery parameter" instead of "Invalid Resource Monitor parameter"

I'm looking for more info about the ai-methods.
It's 23rd Feb. ~13:00 now here. If I call ai(nsunrise) is this the sunrise of today (23rd) or tomorrow (24th)?
In case of tomorrow, can i still get the time of today?

What I want is the number of minutes between rise and set if day and set and rise if night...

Nitpicking: When renaming a component the cursor always stands at position 0. Why is that? I would think that getting in that dialogue meant you want to change so being after the last letter would be much more convenient.

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I have a live wallpaper published in the play store and have some questions:
1. If I download it myself and try to open it, KLWP Crashes.
1.1 Could anyone confirm this is happening always?
1.2 Where can I see what crashes specifically

2. There are Komponents used inside for the weather > They are the 'FontWeather' Komponents
2.1 Is it safe to assume that this will work for everybody? (since it's the base pack)
2.2 If I would download another Komponent, use it in a preset and publish this to the app store, is it included automatically or should I instruct the downloading user there is a dependency?

Thank you!

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Canoe With A View

→ 3 screen setup (made on Nexus 5)
→ App Icons are from the Holler wht! pack
→ Music icons are from
→ Has a Music control
→ Shows event in calendar color
→ Show weather forecast for 3 days
→ Always shows current artist (last) playing, bat. percentage & temp, outside temp & wind speed.
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