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WWE Monday Night Raw February 20, 2017 Results and Review Bring In The Clowns
Kevin Owens Opened Up Raw This Week Monday Night Raw was live from my home area, but I am now living in Indiana, so I couldn’t get to it. I didn’t want to review things this week because someone in my work life told me that I suck at writing. This was the s...

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WWE Smackdown Live Tuesday February 14, 2017 Results and Review Super Bray Wyatt
WWE Smackdonwn Live came and went on my birthday. I noticed that NO ONE on social media wished me a happy birthday, and that was a bit lame. That happens, though, you get ignored a lot when you’re me. This show was predictable at times, and at others, not s...

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WWE Monday Night Raw February 13, 2017 Results and Review Why Have Logic Involved
Makes No Sense, But Oh Well, Why Not? This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw was shown the night before my birthday. Good for me, right? I didn’t watch it until this morning and I don’t really understand some of the decisions that were made. Some of the lo...

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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Results and Review The Most Predictable Finish or The Fat Era
Steiner Says Bray Wyatt Is Fat. "HE'S FAT!" The Fat Era is here folks Last night my wife made me a special dinner since my birthday is this week. She made me a steak, and an awesome chocolate and banana gluten free cake. It was special, and that made this n...

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WWE 205 Live Results and Review January 31, 2016 No Showing
I tried to get the results from as to their 205 Live show that I saw this week, and this page came up empty. Apparently, WWE doesn't think a show happened, so I cannot review. Well, I can, but I don't want to try and rewatch it or go to another site...

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WWE Smackdown Live January 31, 2017 Results and Review How Is This A Better Show?
You Know You Thought This After That First Segment I’m constantly told that Smackdown is a better show than Raw. All of the podcasts seem to be pushing that notion, but honestly, this week didn’t feel that way at all. In fact, I had to fight myself from fal...

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WWE Monday Night Raw January 30, 2017 Results and Review Taz Debut and More
Samoa Joe Channeling Tazz The night after the Royal Rumble had a lot of things that could’ve gone right. But it also had a lot to make up for since the internet wrestling community was really upset about how it all went down. That being said, consider that ...

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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Results and Review Remember The Rumble and Complain About It Online
Meh. Just Meh.  January 29, 2017 was a big day for WWE. A lot of hype surrounding Royal Rumble was in place, and a lot of people were looking forward to seeing what would happen with the volatile nature that comes before the Road to Wrestlemania officially ...

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WWE NXT Takeover San Antonio January 28, 2017 The WWE Indie Product
Independent style WWE Work  If the WWE was aiming to make their development product seem like a good independent product, they certainly accomplished it with their latest Takeover event. This event took place at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas. I...

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WWE Monday Night Raw January 23, 2017 Results and Review The Oldest Main Event
Old Part Timers Are The main Event, Not Wrestling!!!! I’m not sure about how big of a fan you readers are, but it’s hard to be a fan of WWE right now. There’s so much stupidity on RAW, I can’t like much of it. I really hated what went down, and you know wha...
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