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Excited to speak about why I love React tonight at JavaScript KC! Love to see you there!


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A mix of uplifting and terrifying. The era of mass automation (and mass unemployment?) is nigh.

The "smartest person in the room" problem is overstated.

If you spend your time in virtual rooms you can read and learn from the best.

Money is basically a credit system for contributing to society.

Want more money?

Spend less time consuming & more time contributing.

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70 degrees and sunny!? This is why I love #workingremote

And the new Macs screen is plenty bright for even sitting in the sun! 😍

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I enjoy React Storybook, but just found Bluekit. Auto generated, interactive React docs for free! Awesome!


Common point of confusion with Redux:

It's a centralized data store. If the data is only used by one component, use local state instead.

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Just upgraded my projects to Webpack 2. Loved the rich & helpful messages along the way.

About to get even easier!

Much of software design is about creating seams.

Seams support:
1. Isolated changes
2. Isolated testing
3. Isolated reading

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Doing things to impress others?
Focusing on things you can't control?

The antidote:

Just finished reading. Superb
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