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amanda benton dillman
Southern wife, cute hubs and cat. Homeowner. Lover of design, fashion and food. Wanting to travel the world.
Southern wife, cute hubs and cat. Homeowner. Lover of design, fashion and food. Wanting to travel the world.

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Going Professional... sort of!
Y'all hubs and I have taken the plunge. To host our own website filled with adventures, cooking and all that's in between! We want to share our journey with you and are so proud to introduce our new website! Feel free to meander over and get ready to Dillie...

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Dark Walled Master Bedroom
We've been in our home for over a year now and I just could never commit to a "master bedroom style". I wanted something that was masculine but feminine as well as bedding that could withstand Kit Cat's hair and her nightly cuddling with us. So I was really...

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Cooking with the Dillmans: Book Club Menu
I love hosting people in our home. It's first off, a great excuse to clean my house and reorganize as well as add some things that I might not have been in a rush to do so (more on the changes later!) But also because we get to cook yummy food for our frien...

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Book Case Book Club
I love books. I love books scattered about, as decor, to read and on an epic book case. Every month we have our book club (that's been meeting for 5 years now, I can't believe it's been that long!!) I love book club and I look forward to the challenge of co...

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Rome: Day 4
On our final full day in Rome we wanted to tour the Colosseum so we had booked a tour online and headed off to begin our tour. We really only did tours in Rome because I don't have much knowledge about Roman culture and its history is so in depth and ancien...

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Rome: Day 3
Day three in Rome was dedicated to visiting the Vatican. Before we had left for our trip we were looking through our credit cards and opening a new card that would help us acquire points, but also has no foreign transaction fees while abroad. While we were ...

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Rome: Day 2
On Day 2 we set out with no real plans of Rome. I really didn't put much planning into Rome since it wasn't high on my to-visit list so we just tended to wander around and decide to go places we were interested in. We did plan a tour of the Vatican on our t...

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Rome; Day 1
After our wine tour day in Tuscany, we hopped the train early in the morning from Arezzo to Rome. Rome is interesting for me to talk about. I never really had an urge to visit Rome frankly. My husband really wanted to go and I wanted to go to Florence. I al...

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Tuscanmagic: A Tuscan Wine Tour
One of our main reasons for visiting Arezzo was for a true "Tuscan" experience, which to me, is a wine tour!! We knew this was the main reason for visiting so we began searching tours around the region. Since we didn't have a car we needed a tour with trans...

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Arezzo, Italy
When we knew we were traveling to Italy, we wanted to go to Tuscany to do wine tasting. Originally we had thought about Florence but instead we ended with Rome on our list so we began searching for a location in Tuscany that was located off the train betwee...
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