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David Carey
I am a counter-culture of one.
I am a counter-culture of one.

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I'm going through a realignment phase. My interests and priorities are not necessarily the same - though not necessarily different either.

I love the collections feature on G+, but honestly it might be holding me back. Or it might not be. Things may be shaken up...or they may be neglected...or things may go on as normal...or I may disappear entirely.

I like music.

That is all.

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Wine 2.0.1 Stable Released, Here’s How To Install it on Ubuntu with new repository needed

The official Wine repository is no longer hosted on Launchpad, which means the official Wine PPA is no longer being updated. To install Wine in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later you will need to add the new Wine repository to your software sources on Ubuntu (or derivatives).

Follow instructions at

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Sounds like extroverted intuition (Ne).
Openness and Perception

According to a new study, people with greater 'openness to experience' process the world differently – taking in more information and combining it.

“We believe this is the first empirical evidence that creative people have different visual experiences to the average individual. A more flexible gate for the visual information that breaks through into their consciousness."


The findings hint at why extremely open people are more prone to paranoia and delusions. At those levels of openness, people may ‘see’ spirits, or misinterpret interpersonal or other signals.

The results could explain why people with a high degree of openness tend to be more creative and innovative. When they come up with all these crazy new ideas, it might be because they really perceive the world differently.


According to Antinori, there are similarities between high levels of openness and the experience of taking magic mushrooms. Previous work by her team has found that psilocybin – a hallucinogenic compound in magic mushrooms – increases a person’s openness scores in a personality questionnaire, and their experience of mixed percept in binocular rivalry tests. The team has also found that some forms of meditation can increase mixed image perception.

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Linux Mint Installation Guide for Beginners

This is an ultimate Linux Mint installation guide for beginners. If you are an absolute Linux newbie and you have never installed Linux, this Linux Mint installation tutorial video is for you.

Watch it at

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LibreOffice the better Office - a review on the Notebookbar

The experimental Notebookbar feature gives the user the possibility to use a tabbed toolbar like Microsoft does, but it offers more, much more. It is a context based toolbar but unlike MS Office you can also choose to disable it.


Today is the 4th year anniversary of the formation of ISIS.

All you people upset about children being gassed...this wouldn't be a problem if you resettled them in your country. Just saying.

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