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Diane Vallere
Fiction for women who like shoes, clues, and clothes.
Fiction for women who like shoes, clues, and clothes.

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Cozy up to summer with Killer Characters & a #bookgiveaway! 

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#Giveaway! Five Years of Style and Error by Samantha Kidd
Hi! I'm Samantha Kidd. You might know me from some of the crimes I've helped solve around Ribbon, Pennsylvania. That's me on the cover of that book to the left. Don't you just love that fuchsia fedora? Me too. (I'm assuming you said yes, because, hello. Fuc...

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There's Something Up With Nick
by Samantha Kidd from the Samantha Kidd Style & Error Mysteries by Diane Vallere Something's up with Nick. Usually when somebody starts acting a little weird, I get curious. And I start poking around and observing them slightly more than normal until I figu...

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A secret so big I'm going to burst!
By Emma James-McKenna From The Decorator Who Knew Too Much Madison
Night #4 By DianeVallere When my husband Jimmy first asked me what I thought about him
inviting Hudson to Palm Springs
to help him work on his development project, I thought it was a good id...

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Worried About Madison
by Hudson James from the Madison Night Mad for Mod Mysteries by Diane Vallere I'm worried about Madison. She made it clear that she was ready for more than a professional relationship, and since then, we've gotten along great. I respect her independence, an...

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Madison Night's Nightmares
By Madison Night From the Madison Night Mad for Mod Mysteries by Diane Vallere -- I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since what happened*.
Every night, it’s the same. I fall asleep and relive what happened. I wake up
in a cold sweat, disoriented. Rock, my S...

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Linda Wiken on Killer Characters!

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Why Christmas Starts in August
by Eddie Adams, Visual Director for Tradava Department Store from Pearls Gone Wild , Samantha Kidd Mystery #6 by Diane Vallere You people always complain about
holiday decorations going up too early, but let me tell you something about
working in a departme...

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I Feel Like Dancing!
by Samantha Kidd, Former fashion buyer turned amateur sleuth as written by Diane Vallere -- It’s amazing. Glorious. Fantastic. Did I mention Amazing? I’m
talking about vacation the week before Christmas. And you know why it’s so
amazing? Because I work in a...

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Season's Readings continue on Killer Characters. Up today: Molly MacRae! #giveaway  
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