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Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #10: Users with more connections tend to show up higher in the search results. In order to reach 500+ connections, accept all invites and add LIONs. A LION is a person on LinkedIn as an Open Networker and is open to connecting with new people.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #9: Make sure the “industry” selection at the top of your profile is tied to the job you want, not the job you had.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #8: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is open to the public. You’ll want anyone and everyone to be able to access your LinkedIn profile, along with search engines to be able to index your LinkedIn profile in search inquires.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #7: Don’t be afraid to solicit recommendations. It gives you more credibility on LinkedIn and will help with internal LinkedIn searches. Make sure you’ve got some great recommendations for the work you have done.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #6: In the Specialties section, you’ll want to add a number of different keywords to showcase your talents in short phrases.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #5: Your summary is the meat of your profile, or the body of your speech. Make sure it looks clean and you don’t just add a line of key words next to each other or it won’t represent your personal brand well.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #4: Past Work Experience. You start to notice that this works in the top to bottom approach within your profile. Start from the top, and working your way through your profile to the bottom.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #3: Update current work experience. Your current work experience is the second most relevant section because it is what you are currently doing in business.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #2: Create a strong headline. Your headline is the first thing people see when they go to your profile & it should have your keywords included. The keywords here have a powerful impact on ranking high for LinkedIn’s people search.

Ranking with LinkedIn Tip #1: Optimize your profile by adding relevant keywords to your LinkedIn titles and job descriptions. Concentrate on these areas: Headline, Summary, Specialties, and Job Title. You want to make sure you add it in multiple places, multiple times.
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