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Those who want cyberghost vpn premium acc free for 3 months, visit our facebook page and send your request through facebook's private message. Offer valid until we are out of stocks !!

Beloved visitors, some of you frequently ask to buy account/voucher of different file hosting sites. So we have developed a premium account/voucher selling page where you can place your order of purchasing file hosts accounts/vouchers available for sale at a reasonable price.

Key features:
* You can see which file hosts are available for sale
* You can select any duration of premium you want
* You can decide between Account and Coupon/Voucher
* Warranty is applicable for accounts of some file hosts
* Availability of legit coupons/vouchers
* Two payment system is available: Paypal, Payza
* Simple cart system; so that you can place your order at once
* Ability to make the cart list empty with a single click
* Improved and easy numeric-only captcha system


If you find any bugs or issues, kindly let us know to help improve our communication system. You all are welcome to place your order :)

Good News, if anyone of you need debriditalia (promotional) account, feel free to send us your request through facebook's private message. Different accounts will be delivered every time you ask. Offer valid till 25 Sept 2014 :)

Dear visitors, may be some of you noticed, yesterday our site was suspended by our hosting server for few minutes. Daily, receiving of bulk emails forced them to suspend our site. But our support team took a live chat with the hosting team, and helped in making our site online again within few minutes by taking necessary actions. The main reason of suspension is - posting alldebrid cookies on blog. Users convert their torrents to uptobox links using our alldebrid cookies. Alldebrid usually sends email upon a successful conversion. Thus, our email server gets too much traffic by receiving 70-90 emails every day. According to the rules, sending/receiving such bulk amount of emails is strictly prohibited. That's why, they suspended our site to draw our attention in this regard. This unexpected situation caused us not to post alldebrid cookies today.

But we are looking for a solution to stop receiving such unwanted emails of torrent conversion. Till then, posting alldebrid cookies will remain stopped temporarily !!

Dear visitors, some of the features of our site have been changed:

* PerfectMoney support from payment methods has been removed. Payza support has been added instead.

* Semi-Standard membership has been removed permanently from our private membership services due to an unavoidable circumstance.

* Now we offer 2 different packages of premiumize accs for sale. Details can be found here -

* Yahoo and Hotmail getting bullshit day by day. We reply every time when our visitors send us emails. Those who use yahoo or hotmail sometimes can receive emails from us, and sometimes not. Those who didn't receive emails from us think we don't care of their emails. It's really a disappointment for us and our visitors both. We read every emails we get from our beloved visitors, and reply with care. But yahoo and hotmail makes our reputations bad. That's why yahoo and hotmail has been blocked from pregen's contact systems. We would like to request to contact with us again with other email address if you have contacted with us already, but didn't receive our replies.

Note: Some of our visitors reported, every time they face "wrong captcha" error when they try to contact with us. We would like to suggest to type the captcha in lower case only. And if you can't recognize a letter well, pls click one the captcha image to change a new captcha code.

We-the PreGen team, always ready to serve you our Best :)

Our hosting team now migrated to a more stable server to prevent any further outages on our services with new system for DDOS detection and prevention. Server core routers applied new system without troubles, however, core switches in racks didn’t and it resulted outage of network for a short period of time few days ago.

This issue has been resolved now in coordination with Server team and Support team. We are extremely sorry for all of you who have experienced downtime meanwhile. Thanks in advance for your understanding! Let us know if you have any issue in this regard.

Have a Nice Day :)

Due to an unavoidable circumstance, Uptobox Premium Link Generator has been temporarily closed !! No, we are not out of accounts as we have enough. It will be online again when we solve the issue. Thanks to those who always inform us time to time to help improve our services :)

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Dear Users, from now, you will find more exclusive accounts in survey links by visiting here -

No need to register or login. You can get the links directly by visiting the particular threads.

And if anyone wants to buy our survey account(s), kindly reply in the threads or use our contact page to contact us. After selling the account(s), we will remove it both from survey and our record. And we can guarantee, you will not find our survey accounts to anywhere else; because these accounts are cracked by our cracking team who makes private combos by themselves !!

Our Beloved Users, Now We Have Bitshare, Uptobox, and Freakshare Premium Link generator service. You will find them under our blog's "Link Generator" menu. Feel free to contact us for any bugs or recommendations.

More Link Generator service of different file host sites are Coming Soon !! So Enjoy your stay with PreGen Team :)

Dear Users, GREAT NEWS for All of You !!

PreGen Team proudly presents Bitshare and Uptobox Premium Link Generator service. The distinctive features are -

* No IP Restriction
* No Auto-Delete of the Generated Links
* No Download Restriction per Hour
* 100% Privacy. Other users can't see your generated links.

Visit our blog, and find "Link Generator" menu. The service is in Beta. So always feel free to contact us for any bugs or recommendations. Your feedbacks will be most appreciated.

Remember, PreGen Team always works for you to serve the Best :)
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