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Swamp Milkweed - Asclepias incarnata
July 23, 2017 - in the swampy area next door

Love the "Fangs" but they're really called horns

Maybe not as striking as Butterfly Weed but a real beauty nonetheless.
It was hard to get a good pic with the cloud of mosquitoes draining my blood like the last nurse I saw in the hospital. Don't worry, everything's fine and to quote the old man being carried out to the cart in the Quest for the Holy Grail, "I'm feeling much better now"

But, I am sidetracked from G+ now. I promised myself I'd update my old website with a complete overhaul when I hit 100 wildflowers. I hit 150 the other day so finally got to work on it. It's going well, I should be done in a month or so if my wife stops trying to get rid of the dead weight around the house.
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Hannibal crossing the Alps

"Snow!" is today's theme for
#joinindaily with +Johnny Wills

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Yellow Wood Sorrel - Oxalis stricta
July 23, 2017 - Lisbon, NY

Caught with the leaves folded.
Normally the leaves close at the approach of night but it was a shady area and the day was overcast so they decided to close up shop early in the afternoon.

Prefers full sun, well drained soil
Roadsides, fields, open spots in woods, considered a weed in lawns
3 - 8 inch
May - Oct bloom time
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Orange Earth Tongue - Microglossum rufum
July 23, 2017 - wet Cedar woods, Lisbon, NY

When it rains, it pours
This is something I haven't seen before this week
Now it's the second find in a few days.
This time a surprisingly large group growing on a moss covered rotting log of unknown species (maybe Ash) 
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Square Stemmed Monkey Flower - Mimulus ringens
AKA: Allegheny Monkeyflower
Figwort Family

Flowers - paired on long stems from leaf axils

Wet open areas, swamps, seeps, roadside ditches, stream and pond edges
1 - 3 feet
June - Sept bloom time
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On the prowl

...shared with #ANIMALweek compiled by +Heidi Anne Morris 

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Added a pic of my buddy Stewart J Cat to #ANIMALweek
Go ahead and share one of your animal photos
STARTING SATURDAY 22nd JULY An open opportunity to share your ANIMAL Art with other animal friendly people here on Google Plus. Only TWO guidelines - 1.Share your own creations please - do not share anything you did not create yourself. 2.If you are joining in please invite your animal friendly friends

further information

WHEN THE EVENT BEGINS Post to this event or use the #animalweek  tag in your posts or do both

No limit on the amount of images - but remember NOT to share all your stuff all in one go - remember this event is OPEN FOR A WHOLE WEEK!

If you are passionate about a particular kind of animal, feel free to shout about it in your posts, include your G+ COLLECTION LINKS and any other social links too, if you wish


Any questions leave a comment in the event stream :) Enjoy ALL the Animals!

All my best Heidi

NB. IF you are wondering why you are receiving this message it's because the original event was corrupted, I could not edit it and no one could comment. If this one doesn't work I'll have to delete this too. ;/

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Added photos to #ANIMALweek a picture sharing event (all forms of Art welcome) for everyone on GOOGLE PLUS.

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Common Mullein - Verbascum thapsus
Snapdragon Family
July 18, 2017

Naturalized alien with medicinal uses but adopted as a garden flower by me.
A fuzzy velvety giant that makes a striking presence especially in groups.

A pic to complement a previous post:
(I continue to wish posts could be edited to add new pics)

2 - 8 feet
Roadsides, fields, waste places, my yard
July - Sept bloom time

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Smaller Hop Clover - Trifolium campestre
Pea Family
Naturalized alien

Note the longer stem on the terminal leaflet which distinguishes it from Hop Clover - Trifolium agrarium. Flower heads are also smaller on Smaller

Least Hop Clover - Trifolium dubium has similar leaves as the "Smaller" but the flower heads are even smaller with 5 - 15 florets

Roadsides, waste places. fields, lawns
6 - 12 inch
May - Sept bloom time
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