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Clare Greenup
Director of Studies, Sydney Grammar School (St Ives Preparatory). I love looking for different ways to create fabulous opps for learning
Director of Studies, Sydney Grammar School (St Ives Preparatory). I love looking for different ways to create fabulous opps for learning

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I suppose this is a bit of a mix between Option 1 and Option 3...

My inquiry question would be "Are paper diaries and planners obsolete?"

My class would examine
* the types of activities that people use diaries and planners for
* explore the different apps and online tools to plan and create personal calendars.
* use a venn diagram to explore which activities can only be done with a 'real' planner/diary and which can only be done with an app or online tool.
* Thinking routine - Claim Support Question - as to which medium (paper or technology) works 'best'. What would the criteria for success be? Is age, job or purpose important?
* Students design a new app for planning for kids - what factors or aspects of planning would primary/secondary kids find useful?

#cserTask3 At my school we have regular Open Days, tours and parent visits. I love the idea of getting our Year 6 students to film their impressions, happy memories, informative facts etc.. about numerous parts of the school and they creating a series of QR codes for each clip and putting them up around the school for parents to access and learn more about us from the students themselves! We could conference with the students and see which areas of the school they think would be important to discuss and what fun facts, important advice and lovely memories they think would link to each place. Then there'd be the planning of each film clip, scripting, backdrop etc..
Super excited about this! Linking student voice into our building of community and welcoming new members of the school!
I'm going to start organising this today! :)

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#cserTask2 (option 2)

I really love this website
It gives you real time data on all sorts of different aspects of our world.
As some examples...
* births this year
* births today
* cars manufactured this year
* road accident fatalities
* emails sent
* mobile phones bought.

It's all real time so you'll see some of the numbers flickering up as you watch. Fascinating for kids.
I've had many great conversations with kids about aspects of their world with this website. We've also talked about how we could represent this data to an audience and what we would use to best make our case.


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Option 2

I really like this story! In short - Lyron is a high school student who could see a problem. In this case, students at his High School had to fill out ridiculous amounts of paperwork to apply for a locker. Depending what subjects they were doing, they might be better suited to have a locker in one particular area of the school.
Lyron created a digital solution in the form of an app so that students can now decide where they would like their locker assigned and choose it via the app. It works a little like when you are booking cinema tickets as it shows which lockers are already taken. It constantly updates itself so the students can always see what lockers are available.
I really like this story because it's a real world problem for Lyron and high school students in particular could relate to this idea.

Hi all!
I'm really excited to join a MOOC!
I've been teaching 'forever'. I love anything tech so I'm looking forward to working through these fabulously interesting tasks!

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