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I want to run a one-shot of this (with the potential to hook my current group on to the system!) when I see my gaming group face-to-face in a couple of weeks, anyone got any tips/suggestions for a one-shot? Maybe a couple heists, a rival gang and some juicy betrayal?

Hi all, kickstarter backer here but first time poster. Been wanting to jump in and start playing this and with v5 thought it was a good time! Anyway reading through the rules I'm still trying to get my head around effects and consequences. Is this system like Dungeon World where enemies will only attack if a player rolls badly? It mentions enemy actions but how to know what enemies can do and how powerful they are, by their Tier rating? Is there some sort of play-by-play of an encounter i can read to get a hang of the flow of the mechanics? Thanks and I look forward to GMing this!
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