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i want to be at home right now, not on the other side of the world :|
Opera House district, Zaveri bazaar and Dadar area targeted in fourth major terror attack on India's financial capital since 2003
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be as morose as you please -- it's a scary situation

Nimisha Dutta Chavan

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anyone know how to reorder Circles so you can choose which ones appear at the top of the list when you go to check the Stream? Right now top of the list are Friends, Family, Acquaintances but I want to add some circles above and between those instead of clicking "More" each time I want to see them..
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n00b tutorial please.

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Google+ is changing how I think about the people in my life.. For instance, I really like Person X, but are we so close that they belong both in my "Friends" circle, and my "Chilling in the backyard thinking about life" circle? The last time I had to think this carefully about my social life was when I was trying to send out invites for Gmail.
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I concur, Nimisha! I really really enjoy this new application.
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