Join in its a good laugh
Right, thank you to everyone (who played the Premiership Predictor Game last season) for logging your teams.

I have listed them below, please let me know if I got them wrong or you have changed your team/mind!

With about 4 weeks to go - NEW PLAYERS ARE WELCOME ARE JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Just read the game rules below = )
1. You have to choose a Premiership team from the 2013/2014 season and predict the scoreline of that match.(Whether its your favourite team or a random one is up to you).
2. The Points system is:
     10pts - for a complete correct prediction of the final scoreline
      7pts - for getting one score correct and for predicting the winning team.
      5pts - for getting one score correct.
      2pts - for a draw (if you predicted one but it wasn't your scoreline) or for just getting the winning team.
3. I will send out a post to you regarding your teams match the day before they play so you can predict.
4. I will "try my best" to REMIND you if you haven't posted your prediction as the kick-off  get closer!
5. I will post a League Table once all the weekend matches have been played (could be a Tuesday or Wednesday even!)
6. If you do not predict for three games in-a-row, I will cease copying you in on your teams games and presume you have left the game. Should you return, you will be very welcome AND you will start from the same point you left.

I have tried to make the game as simple, fun and non-time consuming as possible.

Arsenal - +Anthony Wilson +Les Howard +Michael Allen +Nick Flavell +EM KV +Mohibur Rahman +David Dave +Jacob Todd +Ferid Muayyad 

Aston Villa - +Seamus Brennan 

Chelsea - +LD Williams +Rogelio Gómez +Neil Cooper +Kristofu Wilson +Kojo Boadu +Tracy Livingstone +Dylan perkins +Mark smith +Clare Cosgrove and ME!

Crystal Palace - +Brendan Broom 

Everton - +grant mckee +Suzanne louise +Laurence Taylor 

Liverpool - +Steve Farthing +Asif Patel +Dee Dell 

Manchester City - +Vicki Farthing 

Manchester United - +Kevin Stock +D Davis +Nair R' V +Alan Mason +Tabinda noor Quazi 

Newcastle United - +Kirsty Railton +David Atkinson  +Theo Brookes +steven ballantyne +Lee Earley +David Wright 

Southampton - +Jo Jones +Kelly Hamon 

Sunderland - +John Hauxwell 

Swansea City - +Keef Hinton

Tottenham Hotspur - +Teri Farthing 

West Bromwich Albion - +Dale Chapman 

West Ham United - +Karen Wills +Spencer Garrett +mark green 

Wanna play? NEW PLAYERS WELCOME !!!!!!     = )
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