Wawona Tunnel -- Yosemite, CA

I'm super excited about heading up to Yosemite this coming New Year's Eve weekend with friends +Trey Ratcliff +Robert Scoble +Tom Anderson +Karen Hutton +Scott Jarvie +Peter Adams +shirley lo +Kimberly Shoemaker and more! (+Ivan Makarov are you in yet?)

Rumor has it +Dave Cohen and +Erica Joy from Google may even join us! ;)

Here is what I know so far, which is not alot, so we've got some work cut out for us -- we really should try to put a definitive schedule together before Friday.

Many of us are staying at the Tenaya Lodge. It is pricey (sorry about that) -- but there are other places to stay too. Others are staying elsewhere.

I'm arriving on Friday at about noon and checking out Monday morning. Many of us are bringing spouses (fake spouses) or significant others -- and some of us are bringing kids too. My wife +Julia Peterson is coming with me as are my four chicklets.

Here are some other threads associated with the trip:

yosemite trip by +shirley lo (limited) http://goo.gl/FCmXc this thread has a lot of interesting ideas from +Robert Scoble in it.

Now is your chance to be my Fake Weekend Pretend Wife/date. haha by +Scott Jarvie http://goo.gl/3Ikli

Yosemite Moonrise by +Peter Adams http://goo.gl/4FiiY

An Ode to Ansel Adams by me. http://goo.gl/3IQlL

Starting the new year out cold, dark, and with a tripod by +Robert Scoble (the thread that started it off) http://goo.gl/rJRVd

So who else is coming and what should we be shooting? It does not look like we will have snow this coming weekend unfortunately. To make things easier for all of us, if you post something related to this trip use the hashtag #G+Yosemite2011

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