+John Battelle says the future of Google = Google+.

I think I agree with much of what John wrote about Google+. Google is all in with this one. 100%. What's most exciting to me though is that we are still just at the very beginning of all of this, we're still in the first inning of the first game to use a baseball analogy. Just think about how far Google+ has come this month alone -- and then think about where this continued spirit of innovation will take us in the months and months ahead.

Google has the smartest minds in the world working on it today and the innovation engine is in full force. The company is unified behind social from the very top down. Just think how much better and better and better G+ is going to be at the end of October and November and December, etc.

It thrills me to hear that from the stage +Larry Page was mentioning Google+ over and over and over again at Zeitgeist. It's this sort of conviction that sends a signal to the community that we are wisely investing our time in growing with Google+ -- in getting onboard early, in investing more than just our time but our energy, our spirt, our emotions and our rich content.

The future is wide open.
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