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Hey all:  Figured I'd drop my ad for an online game here in the general community page.  Enjoy Swords and Sorcery?  We've got one spot left to come get your barbarian on!  Beasts and Barbarians is THE Howardesque SW setting of high swordplay, low magic.  Interested players can reach out to me or post in the forum. Thanks!

Probably a dumb noob question, but how do you guys incorporate adventure cards into the game?  I've heard that each character is dealt a card at the beginning of the session and are free to use it how they will during that session.  How it gets incorporated into the current campaign is up to the GM, but he/she essentially makes it happen.  Is that how you guys use them?  Thanks!

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Anyone give Ultima Forsan a go?  I'm strongly considering running this when my Weird Wars: Nam campaign ends probably at the end of the summer.  Reviews? Opinions? Gripes?  I've heard good things from most...

Anyone know where I can get a hold of Blast Template and Flame Templates suitable for VTT?

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Sorry to repeat information, but wanted to get one last advertisement for anyone interested in a Weird Wars: Nam campaign.  2 slots left!  Game meets Sundays at 3PM EST. Skype as audio tool.  Thanks!

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 Grab your LBV, C rats,  and Lock n' Load!

 It's 1967 near Khe Sahn, the war is heating up and things are gettin' weird!  Figured I'd gauge interest in a Weird Wars: Nam' campaign using the Tour of Darkness rules on Roll20. 

I'm thinking Sundays at 4 PM EST. Interested FNG's can apply at the link posted.  Looking for 5 players.  Game audio will be run with Skype. Questions please reach out direct.

Fellow Savages- haven't looked to update my SW Core rulebook in a while - has there been a change to the Shaken rule?  What's the big change that everyone keeps hinting at?  Thanks!

Hey guys, just getting back into D6 after a long hiatus.  Just got a hold of the new REUP edition and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions about where to have it printed in hardcover.  Thanks!
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