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Drew Smith
Librarian and genealogist (speaker/writer) interested in technology
Librarian and genealogist (speaker/writer) interested in technology


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The big, scary genealogy file drawer
I'm halfway through the 3 months I have chosen to devote to my physical organizing project (the credenza to the immediate left of my computer desk). Recently I've tinkered a bit with the items on the top of the credenza itself, moving a single pen from the ...

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The closest drawer, and the death of USB flash drives
It didn't take me long to go through the small number of books that I have remaining on the shelf under the credenza, as I had already entered almost all of them into LibraryThing a few years ago. The only ones missing were my father's high school yearbook ...

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The home office credenza on the left - first pass
In my previous posting, I provided a photo of a credenza that sits immediately to my left as I work on my computer desk. There were obviously too many things taking up space on top, a set of books on the shelf underneath that probably included some items th...

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My next 3-month genealogy organizing project(s): 1 physical, 1 digital
Now that I've reached the end of my first 3-month organizing project, it's time to turn my attention to other things that need organizing.  So between now and, let's say, RootsTech 2017, what can I work on? I'd like to work on at least one physical organizi...

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Digital genealogy organizing project Step 6: Naming the files
Three months ago I announced a 3-month project to organize the digital genealogy files already on my computer, so that I could then begin adding new files to an organized structure.  So here we are at the end of those 3 months, and at the last major step: (...

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Digital genealogy organizing project Step 5: Folders for individuals
So far, I've worked my way down from the !Genealogy folder, to the !!Research - personal folder, to the Paternal grandfather folder, to the Smith folder.  Now it's time to create folders for the individuals. The individual folders will normally have files t...

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Digital genealogy organizing project Intermission 5: Records with more than one person in them
Let's face it: Most genealogical records we deal with make reference to more than one person of interest. The typical birth record may name both the individual being born and their parents. The typical marriage record will name both spouses. The typical cen...

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Digital genealogy organizing project Intermission 4: Thoughts about surnames
In the modern Western world we may experience some people hyphenating their names upon marriage. But apart from some celebrities adopting entirely new surnames as they enter the public sphere, our most common experience is that males have the same surname f...

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Digital genealogy organizing project Step 4: Surname folders
So a few weeks ago I posted about using surname folders. It's time to go into a bit more detail about that. Because I'm not a beginner, I don't have the luxury of creating a folder here or there as I need it.  I have already accumulated a great number of fi...

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A quick and easy way to show your support of my genealogy work
If you enjoy the things that I produce (books, podcasts, this blog, my face-to-face presentations, and my webinars), one way to express your support is by voting in this poll:
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