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I bought an HP Touchpad back during the firesale, and while WebOS is different and interesting, the utter lack of apps has really kept it from being useful as anything more than a web browser.

This morning, I installed Android 4.0 on it. Again, interesting, but not really useful until I get some apps installed on it.

So, Android users: what apps should I install right off the bat? What apps will best demonstrate what Android is really capable of on a tablet?
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Okay, let's amend that... suggestions for apps that I can't already get on my iPad only, please. :)
I don't have an iPad, so I don't really know what's available exclusively on android. I don't have a tablet, but I would enjoy the following on a tablet:

for games there's world of goo, enjoy sudoku, temple runner, androminion, & quell

for entertainment/media there's Aldiko, Netflix!!!, Spotify, & Perfect Viewer

other gee wiz cool: Google Earth, Google Sky Map, Sketcher Lite
Apple's App Store is well stocked with really good games, so I'm not holding my breath about finding even one good game in the Android Market that isn't already on iOS.

I'll have to look into Aldiko and Perfect Viewer. Thanks!
I'm a fan of Evernote, but I think it's also on iPad. Is there enough of a market for Android apps that developers can be Android-exclusive?
You won't find any Android specific apps that are the pedigree you are looking for. You can get them all on the iPad. Get apps with Widgets. That will be the big divide.
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