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I realize that the article is specifically about +Ron Paul , but it illustrates a larger problem. If you look at the voting records for our Congresspeople, it becomes clear that many of them attend a staggeringly low number of votes, and those that are running for the office of President are practically absent for the entire duration of their campaign.

I feel like something needs to change here. Either they need to be enabled to vote remotely and required to participate in a high percentage of votes, or they need to be penalized for absenteeism (for example, they receive n percent of their pay at each pay period, where n is the percent of votes that they've been present for for the year. Skipped half of the votes this year, and therefore only doing half of the work that you're getting paid for? That's cool, you're only getting half a paycheck, too).
Since Paul announced his presidential bid, his absenteeism rate has soared: In 2012, he missed 136 votes, casting only 15. Rep.
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I mean, seriously. If I stopped doing my job for a year while I -- very publicly -- tried to get a different job, I'm pretty sure my employer wouldn't just keep paying me.
I think that politics can -- in theory -- be logical, but only when everyone involved is there for the right reasons. Unfortunately, people who want to be in politics for the right reasons rarely win elections.
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