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Carte Noire Coffee Pods for Nespresso
Ok you guys. This is it. The last one. (Unless someone else wants to send us free coffee...) A while ago (actually an embarrassingly long time ago- Sorry Carte Noire people), the people at Carte Noire asked if I'd be interested in trying their Nespresso-com...

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Pardon me
As I've lived in the UK for quite some time now, I'm pretty thoroughly fluent in Ameringlish. That doesn't mean that I am a convert and use the British word. I've transitioned on some, but there are many language changes that I can't bring myself to make. I...

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Fine Coffee Club Nespresso Pods
Well, it's that time... time for another coffee pod review. I never imagined that when I wrote a post about our Nespresso machine, I'd get so many offers of free coffee! But I did. So there. Mmmmm... free coffee... One of the super-nice companies that got i...

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To the sweetest chicken in the whole world, I'm aware that my baby is quickly disappearing. Don't get me wrong, you'll always be my baby, but you are becoming more and more a little boy. There are so many toddler-isms that are falling by the wayside. I don'...

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Gourmesso Coffee Pods
I've already talked about one company's Nespresso-compatible pods, and while I hadn't intended to become an official reviewer of alternatives for Nespresso machine pods, several companies have contacted me. And, well, free coffee is not to be denied. The ni...

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99p worth of home
Every Expat knows that there are little things from back home that you really  miss. Those things that you took for granted, but now can't find. I'm talking to you Target Long & Lean Tank Tops*. my favourite layering piece There are alternatives, sure, but ...

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Prior to having Linus, I self-righteously declared:   I don't understand those women that are obsessed with their son's curls and won't cut their hair. I'll never do that. I hate long hair on boys.   Linus was nearly 23 months old before he had his first ha...

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This Thanksgiving, even though I am not in the United States, I am thankful. I admit that, most of the time, I am able to ignore my homesickness through a sheer force of will. I love my life here in Manchester. My husband and my son are my favorite people t...

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A Different Option: Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso Pods
The other day Ross and I had a conversation. Ross: People are talking about Gravity. Have we heard about it? Me: Yes. It's with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in space. We watched her on The Daily Show the other day talking about it. Ross: George Clooney...
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